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  1. I don't
    School isn't a place for smart people
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  2. True dat. primary education was so mind numbing easy.
  3. College is cancer for me; dropped out twice.
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  4. I haven't dropped out of my secondary education. I need it for the jobs.
  5. And here I am with school 5 hours from now yet I still can't sleep
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  6. There's one role left :3
  7. Hmmmmm should I take it c:
  8. @MrNeko would you like a Nozomi? :p

    Tsubasa and Maki are also still available too they are temp claimed by @. D O V E
  9. Yep nozomi is good
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  10. #60 Nico Nii, Jul 16, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017 at 1:09 AM

    Actually going to make the rp forum tomorrow just not feeling it today.
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  11. Yay!! More people the better
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  12. hey!! could i please take hanayo? :0
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  13. YES you may have Maki Chan! @Maki
  14. Shall I send you the link to our Discord Chat room? @Maki
  15. I thought she wasn't claimed?
  16. Maki was only claimed temporary by @. D O V E until someone else camentirely, since we were having a rather slow start in getting people. @Maki
  17. I see. Then yes, I'll be maki! And can I get the score link?
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  18. Yay! I'll pm you the link! @Maki
  19. Could you please let me know if anyone drops/goes MIA? I know I'd be waitlisted for the time being but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  20. If you want the Tsubasa Kira role then I can gladly hand you it since I'm already playing as Kotori

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