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Realistic or Modern Love Island

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Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life


The Golden one
So islanders get voted off and new ones come in. It could be one islander or it could be 4 islanders, the game master gets to decide that. So every few in game days (we gon pretend it’s a week) there will be a vote where either one or two islanders get voted off (which is why I left the RP open and encouraged people to be okay with doubling up) and those islanders get replaced to shake things up!
Oooh so our characters might get kicked out completely? For some reason I thought it was npcs that were leaving
In a way yes, but it gives the opportunity create new characters! I’m planning to have about 15 or so character come in! But then there’s also the chance your character might make it to the end. It depends on what everyone votes

Here is the character sheet!!
Hey, let me know if this opens up at all! I’m interested.
Can I still join this RP?
Yes you can still make characters

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