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Fandom ' Love is a Meeting Spot ' -- OHSHC (Closed)

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Kyoya Ootori
Taking a deep breath, Kyoya slicked his hair back as he looked at the lists. Who would he be entertaining today, what he needed to set up, and making sure that the rest of the hosts knew as well. Handing off papers, he saved his own for last, glancing at it. He furrowed his brow for a moment, he swore one of those names was familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it. It was a new customer, whoever they were, so he was more than confused by why he thought their name was familiar. He shook his head out, figuring it was simply his own mind playing games on him. Besides, they were the first person of the day, so he'd get his answer either way.

Moving to set up his area, he set out multiple tea bags, humming as he did so. It was going to be a good day of work, and he while he would prefer to be working on the new budget for the group 'field trips', he was at least able to get feedback through his own guests on how the host club was doing. Moving to set the doors open, he took a deep breath. He was already tired, he had been up far too late doing a rework on the budgets for Honey-senpai's food necessities, and this would be extra work. Still, he couldn't disappoint the fans of the club, so he put on a charming smile as he opened the door, letting himself shine as he always did. He was thankful Tamaki was still preparing, knowing well that the blonde would've forced himself to join in.

"Welcome to Ouran's Host Club, we welcome you in with open arms. If you have an appointment, please go to the designated seating area. If you do not know where that is, then please talk to me. I always look forward to helping anyone I can," he spoke in a tone that was firm, but still friendly. He wanted to get it loud enough that the crowd in the back could here, but not shout. While Tamaki was the president, it was his duty as vice-president to ensure that everyone was able to have a good time. As the hoards of girls rushed past him, he opted to head to his own area, figuring that most people were ready and waiting to get the show on the road. He took a seat on his couch, but paused as he looked over at whomever was tapping his shoulder. Eyes growing wide, he realized exactly why the name was so familiar.


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Kayo Eguchi
Kayo hummed lowly as she waited for the doors to open, rocking back and forth on her feet. She did feel a bit bad about getting an appointment with guys she wasn't particularly into, but she was interested in seeing how Haruhi had been since middle school. She knew that Haruhi was popular, and assumed a guy considering the host club and the way everyone talked about her, but outside of that she didn't know much. She was eager to find out how Haruhi had landed herself in Ouran, and moreover, how she was handling being in a host club of all things. She seriously was more curious than ever.

Of course, she was vaguely curious about the clubmates as well. She knew of the guys she had gotten the appointment with, they were twins who played up into their niche. It was hard to say what they were like, she knew their type was supposedly 'little devils' but what that entailed was hardly knowledgeable to her. She didn't particularly pay much attention to the host club besides passing stories she heard, so she was in for a treat, she supposed. Getting to see Haru-Haru and meeting some host club members. She'd also have to apologize for the fact she was absolutely using them to see Haruhi without an appointment, but she also truly didn't feel that bad. She was excited to see her old friend.

As the black haired guy, Kyoya she had heard a few girls squeal, open the doors, she walked casually, looking around. The hosts certainly seemed well prepared at least, but she smiled slightly seeing Haruhi not too far from where she supposed her appointment would take place. She picked her pace up, quickly moving to seat herself. Sure, this would be awkward, but she was all the more reinvigorated upon seeing Haruhi in person for the first time in a long time. Resting herself right on the chair, she quickly turned to watch Haruhi interact with her own guest, gripping her skirt tightly. A second later, however, she was reminded that she was also here for an appointment as well.

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it had been a long time since annie had been in a public school. when she was on tour, she had a tutor who helped keep her caught up on assignments and learning, but this was the first time in a long time she had to be in school physically.

she wasnt exactly dreading it, as annie loved being around people, but she was highly aware of the fact that her privacy was hard to maintain, and going to school was going to challenge that. she knew the power that rumors held and she was hoping that this private school would truly stay private. however, there was one glimmer of hope that would make this all worth it, and that was kyoya.

annie hadnt seen him in almost two years due to the fact that annie had been touring and doing performances and interviews. she still tried to facetime him but with both of their busy schedules, it was difficult to maintain a friendship outside of a text from here and there. they rarely got to see each other in person so she was delighted by the fact that she would get to annoy him on a daily basis. there was a small part of her that was worried he wouldnt be excited to see her (after all, they have strictly been texting or calling for almost five years minus the random in person visits), but annie tried to not let that get the best of her. boldly, she decided to visit him at his host club, but admittedly that decision may or may not have had to do with her nerves. so when she tapped on kyoya’s shoulder and saw the look on his face, annie took it as a good sign.

kyoya, hi!” she greeted with a huge smile. her lavender eyes lit up at the sight of him. “i booked an appointment with you, i hope thats okay.”

she rounded the couch to stand in front of him, and looked at the chair then back to him as if to ask for permission to sit. she really wanted to reach out and hug him (it was more weird that she wasnt doing so), but being unsure of the host rules, she fought against that urge.
it was a rough morning for hikaru and kaoru. between both of them waking up late, bickering about whose fault that was (kaoru’s fault if you asked hikaru, but he knew better than to point fingers), and then both twins accidentally swapping their school bags, it had been an eventful morning that just seemed to continue throughout the rest of the day. and after having been at each other’s throats the host club was the last place either of them wanted to be. but knowing that tamaki would cry and kyoya would be more than threatening, both redheaded boys chose it wise to show up to their shift regardless.

hikaru walked into the room with his brother at his side, hoping that nobody would notice they were late. it was only by a minute or two, but any amount of time was usually enough for somebody to have a fit over. he noticed that for once, him and his brother only had one person waiting for them. it was odd, even though it was the ‘off’ season for the club, but hikaru wasnt feeling it today anyways so he didnt care too much.

well good afternoon princess,” kaoru purred, sneaking an arm around the girl sitted on their couch. hikaru snapped out of his thoughts and took a seat next to the girl as well and plastered a smile on his face.

forgive my bad memory, but i dont think ive seen you before. whats your name?” hikaru asked. the wiser twin noticed how the girl kept glancing over at haruhi, and he raised an eyebrow to takashi across the room, who simply shrugged in response.

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Kyoya Ootori

Keeping his excitement in, Kyoya cleared his throat for a moment, nodding along. He had to admit, he had been caught off guard, which was entirely new for him. He hadn't truly been able to keep up with Annie after the host club's busy season kicked in, and even with it being the off season, he was still struggling socially. He had spent the past few weeks alone staying up until close to four in the morning every night to ensure things were prepared both in club and out.

"Please, take a seat," he replied, offering a smile that was much more relaxed and content. It was easy to get stressed having to constantly please people and act more than what he was, so finally getting to meet with someone he knew and was more comfortable with was enough to make his shoulders drop from their tensed position.

"I didn't expect to see you here, you didn't tell me you'd be coming to Ouran," he commented, setting the clipboard down. He could feel the tension in his body draining slowly but surely, knowing she was able to stay for most of the day considering how much time she booked. It was exciting to know that she was finally back, even if it was simply a visit.

He couldn't even truthfully remember the last in person visit they had, it had to have been years. It wasn't like they weren't busy people with schedules of their own, they were doing what they could under the scope of everything they had. She was a singer, a popular one at that, and he was sure she was going to be even bigger than she was right now with how much work she put in. Then there was him, while he had learned to calm down from wanting to be the head of the Ootori family, even going as far as to not care, he still wanted to be successful, so he threw himself into learning the business ventures of just about everything.

Glancing at her, he genuinely looked at her. She had grown in the off time he hadn't seen her as often, enough to be a bit of a surprise. "Did you grow a couple of inches, or is that my imagination?" he teased lightly, offering a playful grin.

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Kayo Eguchi

Kayo slightly startled at Kaoru's invasion of her privacy, blinking slightly at the two. She seemed to pause, glancing between them as if inspecting them for a good moment. The dead silence that Hikaru's question only lasted for a good 2 minutes before she finally opened her mouth.

"Eguchi Kayo," she replied, voice monotone. "You two look tired. You should sleep more if you're going to flirt with girls for a living," she bluntly stated before turning once more to look at Haruhi. "Do you guys believe Haru-Haru is a boy too, or is it just the customers?" she added on, not giving them any room to answer her rather blunt statement.

She couldn't truly help asking something like that, curiosity hitting her harder than her manners would stop her. It wasn't like she was attempting to be rude to either of the two, more so he was simply blunt in her own manner of speaking. She didn't have a filter on a good day, but on days where she was excited and even more so filled with a new sense of curiosity, her mouth went before her brain could catch up and recognize the fact she was being rude. She noted the fact the girl sitting with Haruhi was giving her a glare, so she seemed to let out a sigh and relax against the couch, giving up her endeavors at looking at Haruhi for the moment.

"I apologize, I booked this so I could see Haru-Haru. Her schedule was booked, so I figured it'd be easier to see her if I was in the same room as her," the pink haired girl admitted, not bothering to sugarcoat her plan in any way. She didn't particularly care for how other's saw her, so she had no issue admitting to her plans.

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annie giggled and took the seat in front of her dear friend, the last bit of her nerves leaving her body as she relaxed into conversation with kyoya. what on earth had she been worried about? she almost couldnt remember why she was so nervous. annie was proud (and a little surprised) of kyoya for not putting on a cold display; she knew that in private sometimes things were different, but a lot had changed for her friend the past few years. he was growing more comfortable with himself and it was a great thing.

yeah, im actually going to be a student here. i dont have my uniform yet, but um,” she looked down at her white button up and pulled out a lanyard with her student id on it, and held it up for kyoya to see. “i had orientation like an hour ago! so now you can tease me about growing every day.” she winked.

annie studied kyoya. he looked so familiar, but different too. his face grew longer and what was once regular childhood chubby cheeks grew out into a nice thinner facial structure. his hair that was once untamable was now properly cared for. and he looked taller; way taller. annie was surprised a moment ago to realize that she didnt reach his shoulders; she had to jump up to tap him.
hikaru stopped moving and saw his own shock reflected in kaoru’s face at the response from their guest. it made total sense now why they hadnt seen the girl before; she was haruhi’s friend, and very similar in personality at that. the blunt admission of knowing haruhi’s real gender caused kaoru to start hushing over her talking.

yes we know, but nobody else can.” he hissed.

wait, youre here to see haruhi? you picked the perfect host to do that for!” hikaru chirped up.

well, second and third to haruhi herself.” kaoru pointed out.

whatever shut up.” kaoru opened his mouth to argue but hikaru kept talking.

do you want to stay after the club closes so you can visit with her?” hikaru offered. “we have to stay and clean up once we close, so she will be here anyways without customers later.”

wont kyoya be upset?” kaoru asked. “why dont we just talk to haruhi now? oh, we can prank her!” he suggested with a devious glint in his eye.


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Kyoya Ootori
Kyoya grinned then, he should've figured something like this would happen. His off season was always the lead up to something great happening, and he was sure this was exactly what he was expecting when it came to it.

"Well, welcome to Ouran Academy then. We'll be pleased to have you," he used his host tone then, taking her hand and bowing deeply. It was playful and in jest, but he was truly grateful she was going to be coming to Ouran. He was even more excited to tell her things had been so different, how things had changed. He couldn't even think of where to begin, but he did know where he wanted to start regarding her own life. He was curious about everything he had missed in the time he hadn't been actively following her adventure.

"So, what has your career been like? Are you going to be continuing while attending Ouran?" he asked, tilting his head. He was honestly more surprised she didn't simply continue home schooling for her career, but he also had to guess that it was better to get a highly marked school on her background. Both for publicity sake and for the fact that Ouran was decently well reserved for it's education programs.

He couldn't hide the slight fondness he let leak through his smile, it wasn't like he hadn't grown to realize that it was alright to let things go every once in a while. With all the anecdotes that had happened over the past few years, he was more than ready to finally have some time to himself and a friend of his and just be able to talk.

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Kayo Eguchi

Kayo could sense the tension rather easily, the two seemed to be arguing more than one would expect from a pair who's entire shtick was their love. She opted to pointedly ignore it for now, though she did put a mental pin in it for later.

"Both," she replied bluntly, "Both works well. I'm not particularly scared of Ootori," she said. Of course, that was mainly because she didn't fear many people, but also because she was more than willing to bear whatever it was to meet Haruhi again. She offered a slight smile, barely there, but a smile nonetheless. "I think a prank would be fun, but I'm definitely staying after to see Haru-Haru properly," she stated.

It wasn't like she was particularly bothered by the two, but she was curious on their dynamic. She had to wonder their relationship with Haruhi if they were the best people to search out to meet her, but she could ask more about that later when she asked about why they seemed to be fighting one another like cats and dogs. For now, however, she was more interested in what they had in store for the poor girl. She was far from the pranking type, but spicing things up was her favourite thing to do.

"So, what's the plan?" she asked, tilting her head.


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annie’s smile widened as kyoya welcomed her to the school, but she was way happier about the chance to catch up. “oh, definitely,” she responded. “ill keep writing and producing for my next album, im just going to be in school as well. now that im not touring and trying to get big, i have more time to do other things that i want to do.”

it hadnt taken annie very long to get big, but doing two world tours, promoting it, it had all eaten up a lot of her time. she barely had the chance to be social or visit with her family, and now she was throwing herself into school while she could. but not being creative wasnt an option for her; she loved what she did and even if she never got famous, she would never stop writing.

but its been fun. i love performing and meeting all the fans, ive met so many nice people.” annie looked around the room to take in where she was. the sunlight from the windows made the room warm and welcoming and really made the colors on the walls and furniture pop. across the room were other men entertaining girls, and groups of people talking amongst themselves. it was nice to be somewhere where she wasn’t a standout with cameras in her face. granted, annie is very social; but she had been nothing but in the spotlight for many years straight.

i missed this too though.” annie’s eyes went back to kyoya again and she smiled. “i miss eating burgers and staying up late and i missed you.
fair enough.” hikaru agreed to kayo’s response. “so-“

oh, what if we dress her up and pretend she’s a host too?” kaoru cut off his brother. “or we could pretend she’s tamaki’s boyfriend and introduce her to haruhi, and pretend we dont know they know each other.”

the simple thought of tamaki going with a plan made both of the redheaded devils laugh out loud.

“yeah right!” hikaru laughed. “what about a jumpscare? do you think if you hid in a closet and we told haruhi to check it for supplies, it would scare her?” he asked, looking at kayo.

it was only then that time seemed to slow down for a moment; not that there was a lot happening, but hikaru felt a little flutter in his chest. he noticed that kayo was pretty. she had cute pink hair and golden hues that bore into his. she didnt seem very.... fun, in the way that he and his brother kaoru were, but she was interesting. maybe she’d lighten up when she got to speak to haruhi.
hikaru snapped out of it quickly as his brother grabbed his hand and suddenly he was running somewhere with his brother.

both twins seemingly decided that no matter what the prank was, kayo needed a disguise because each boy jumped up and ran to their lockers and came back with a variety of things; hats, glasses, costumes, the works.

pick anything youd like!” they said in unison.


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Kyoya Ootori

"Well, I'm glad you'll continue doing it. I don't think I'd be able to see you doing anything else," Kyoya admitted, the idea of her not singing was foreign to him. He could remember the beginning of it all, the way he wanted nothing more than to hear her sing. She was good at what she did, her writing was well done and her voice complimented it. He would gladly admit that to, well, her. He still had trouble openly expressing his emotions, but he was trying at least, and that was what mattered most.

At her admission of missing it, he offered a smile. "I did too," he replied, offering a slight smile.

He was happy to see she had missed the conversations and casualness of the relationship as well. It wasn't like he didn't have friends, he had the entire host club, but their relationship was different. It was easy for Kyoya to relax and be more of himself around Annie, and she also knew well of his circumstances. Better than anyone, she knew his family life. Besides, she was one of the few people his brother approved of in his life, which was a shocker for everyone involved in the situation.

"I'm free after school, you know. We can get something to eat and go back to my place. I'm sure Fuyumi would be excited to see you," he said, already knowing well how his sister would react. She was the one who was always supportive of him no matter what, but she did encourage his friendship with Annie above all. She always teased him about the fact he looked happy with her, it was annoying, but he did miss it to some extent.

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Kayo Eguchi
Kayo tilted her head at the shenanigans already ensuing, she should have figured the two were truly more prepared for this than she was. Her only real thoughts had been talking to Haruhi, enough to where she wasn't actually prepared for what would entail after that. She watched the two run off to grab clothing and head right back, though she was surprised at how much they managed to bring.

"Haru-Haru is hard to scare, but it'd be fun to see her face if we managed to," Kayo admitted, the slight sadistic implications of the statement coming casually. She looked through the clothes, opting for something stylish rather than comfortable.

Normally, she would've chosen something baggy and oversized, but she figured if she was going to play the part of a man, she might as well go a bit more fitted. Besides, she doubted any of the clothes would be baggy on her outside of the height department. She wasn't the best at the choosing of style, but she did at least have enough taste to know how to make an outfit that wasn't absolutely terrible. She tilted her head then, glancing at the two.

"Where can I change?" she asked, figuring that changing out in public was probably a bad idea. She wasn't particularly ready to be kicked from the club for changing, and she was sure Haruhi would see.


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wow, really? i would love that!” annie exclaimed at the invite. the thought of reuniting with not just kyoya but some of his family felt too good to be true. she had missed his family’s teasing and her brother playfully threatening kyoya; it was an ongoing joke in her family that they always thought annie and kyoya would end up together romantically because they had been so close for so long. he was the one she would talk to about her breakups and boy problems so long ago that it felt like a dream of some sorts. annie looked forward to the teasing and pushing that she once tried so hard to ignore.

so, what’s up with you lately?” she asked. “i see that you’re still doing this.” she motioned to the room, and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “i thought there’d be a bigger line for you- oh my gosh, wait, where is your crazy friend? i still dont think he is real.” of course, the crazy friend in question was none other than tamaki suoh. annie had heard the most bizarre stories about him, so insane that there was no way somebody could really be that oblivious to their own feelings, and there was no way she wasn’t getting through the rest of the day without learning more about kyoya’s current life.


both the twins watched as kayo dug through their tons of costumes. while kaoru seemed more interested in making sure haruhi wasnt paying any attention to them (did she pay attention to anything, really?), hikaru was fixated on kayo. how did haruhi and kayo know each other? why hadn’t haruhi ever mentioned having friends outside of the club? hikaru wasn’t stupid, it was more than easy to assume that everyone at the school had other friends, but he and his brother had just assumed that haruhi just…. didnt have anyone outside of the host club.

over here!” kaoru grabbed one of kayo’s arms and hikaru latched onto her other one. together, the twins brought her to one of the changing rooms by the bathroom, each stall covered with a plastic wall and a curtain as the door.

hikaru and kaoru stood outside of the stall, and kaoru motioned over to kyoya. “i didnt think he had anybody today. wasnt he supposed to be working on budget reports?

im not sure. she looks familiar, and whoever she is must be important ‘cus hes doing a good job at making her happy.” hikaru responded. the girl looked really familiar, but he was too preoccupied to care to make a guess. hed just ask kyoya later. besides, he had his own mystery to figure out.


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Kyoya Ootori
As soon as Annie mentioned Tamaki, Kyoya groaned lightly. He loved Tamaki, truly, but he knew far too well how that would end. Tamaki's flirting was endless, especially if he thought that Kyoya was engaging with a customer.

"I can introduce you, but I should warn you, Tamaki is..." he paused, thinking of how to word it in a way that wasn't as mean as he usually was. "Well, as the twins would say, an idiot," and he opted for the mean way. He didn't truly mean it, it was simple that Tamaki was definitely one of the people that would make an intense first impression. Like, far too intense. He paused, gesturing over to Tamaki as the blonde excitedly flirted with customers. Even during an off season, he was the one in the club to have many girls fawning. "As you can see."

Though, he would admit it would be nice for Annie and Tamaki to be friends. Despite how loud and obnoxious the blonde could be, he would honestly say that Tamaki was a good friend. Definitely someone who needed a babysitter half the time, and god forbid someone made him sad because they'd be eating mushroom soup for weeks, but a good friend. He smiled contentedly for a moment though, humming.

"Things have gotten better. I've given up trying to become the heir. I think my father's happy about it," he admitted, pushing his glasses up. He was never one to truly admit when he was wrong, but finally being able to relax even when he was working was a bit more comfortable. He was happy to be where he was and have grown as much as he did, especially thanks to his friends. It was then, however, that he had seen that Tamaki had glanced over. And to say his friend's face was the epitome of shock was not an understatement. It was less than a second before Tamaki had managed to get over, nearly toppling a couple tables.

"Mommy is smiling!"

"Oh dear god," Kyoya groaned lowly, rubbing his eyes. Right. Right, he absolutely forgot about that. Oh boy.

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Kayo Eguchi

While being dragged wasn't exactly what Kayo expected, she simply allowed it to happen before entering the stall. She figured their little hushed conversation was something for them only as she changed, checking herself in the mirror. She adjusted the clothing a bit more, attempting to hide the curves to at least somewhat pass as a guy. Hard to do, but she was able to get it done within a few minutes.

Finally, she pulled her hair up and into a cap, checking once more before heading out. "If you're curious about things, asking would probably be the best way to go about learning," she bluntly broke into the conversation, leaning in to see who they were pointing at. She didn't seem to have much of a filter, nor did she care to gain one.

Haruhi had been entertaining guests, though when Tamaki came bounding by, she simply ignored it. More than anything, she had been focused on the guests and not what anyone else was doing, though she did denote the fact that the twins seemed to be missing, Tamaki was throwing a fit, and just about everyone was displaces. Off season was right, she sincerely had no clue what was going on with the club.

Kayo didn't seem bothered by the commotion, instead tilting her head slightly once more. She was curious about the club to some extent, but whoever that was, she figured she was more than fine avoiding. Excitable people were already hard to deal with, and some guy who nearly threw tables over in his speed and yelled about moms smiling... yeah no. "I didn't know host club members could date," she muttered, seeming to have caught the absolute wrong signals from the two heads of the group.


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wow, im so proud of you-“ it was just as annie was going to express her feelings to kyoya that the infamous tamaki had wandered over to her and her beloved friend. she turned and smiled at him, however it quickly turned into a surprised laugh.

what did he just call you?” annie asked, turning to glance at kyoya before focusing on the blonde in front of her. he looked like he belonged in the club due to the way girls were starring at him. anie followed the trail of women back to a now boy-less table with her eyes before it dawned on her who had just... not insulted, but what was this ‘mommy’ business about?

oh, you must be tamaki!” annie stood up and stuck her hand out for tamaki to shake. “im annie, kyoya has told me about you guys. thanks for taking good care of him. im one of his old friends, we go way back.”

// as a sub plot idea, maybe tamaki and annie. could be flirty/too friendly for kyoya’s liking? depends on if you like it and if we want him and haruhi to be together
oh, tamaki and kyoya arent dating.” both twins spoke up quickly and in unison to correct the strange girl as she came out with her disguise. “tamaki just calls him that for some reason.”

because he’s weird-“ kaoru started.

“-and has mommy issues.” hikaru finished. he paused to check out the disguise. if the twins hadnt previously seen her before, they wouldve been convinced, which meant that haruhi definitely wouldnt notice. she tended to be dense sometimes.

alright, we need a fake name for you.” kaoru stated. “what would you like to go by?

we’ll introduce you to haruhi and have you shadow her. mess with you as much as you’d like-

hikaru was cut off by the more impulsive twin. “-we’ll back you up on anything to further confuse her.”

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