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I am in a poetic mood, thus I must write poetry.

Hiiiiiii~~ Hello, welcome to this thread, how are you??...

concerning the above statement, It's actually, I am in a poetic mood, thus I must write poetry but I don't just want the poems sitting around on paper in my room, so I'm sharing them for the world to see my horrible writing and stories. It's stupid, I know. A las, the whimsy of the heart is too much, thus I will now randomly post poems out of nowhere whenever I feel like it because Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(Also I used to write in this other poetry thread I had but like they are so bad, don't look for them. I need to do justice to prove my poetness)

Nonsensical Poetry is my favourite poetry.
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S: Sparkling Stars Upon the Night Sky New


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S: Sparkling Stars upon the Night Sky

When the Sun decides to sleep
And the Moon wakes up
As she puts a dark blanket
Overtop the blue planet.

Beneath the blanket,
A pattern dots it
Like shining jewels,
embedding the blanket;
We called them stars.

The black blanket, covering the sky
Would be so dark without them.
So with these stars, they light up the blanket
So the tiny little bugs can still somewhat see.

The moon shines along with the stars.
Its glow, pale, compared to the sun,
which shines alone in the sky.
Allowing for these gems to shine just as much!

When one of the jewels falls,
It means that whoever sees
Can make their own wish!

When I see a shooting star,
"I’ll wish I can pass my exams with flying colours!"​

How about you?
O: Her Love that Transcends All New


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O: Her Love That Transcends All.

Oh, stars, who shine in the sky,
Who am I? Who are you? And where are we?

Oh, sky, who expands endlessly,
Where do you end? Where do you begin?

I sing of love, I sing to you.
My love, does it reach you?

I outstretch my hands, reaching for an answer.
I wish on every star, that one day we could meet.

But if I did, would the sky go blank?
It wouldn’t be fair to wish on every star.

Every moment, I think of you,
You who are forever here for me.
You who are forever here for the stars.
You who are forever here for the world,

What are your burdens?
Are they heavy, or light?

With the voice I use to sing my love,
Would I be able to wist them all away?

My mind is love, for all I can think of is you.
My heart is love, for I live so that I can be with you.

My eyes are love, for they operate to see you.
My hands are love, for they reach to embrace you.

But I do not know who you is,
and you do not know who I am.
Thus, when I say you, I mean “all.”

For the love, I hold, transcends “all.”

Heart, Soul, Life, Death, Time,
Space, Distances, Universes


Whenever you are, Wherever you are,
Whatever you are, Whoever you are,

I will fall in love with you, I will love you,
I’ll live by loving you, and I love you.

My existence is love,
without it, I am nothing,

With it,
I am more than everything.
S: Moments New


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S: Moments.

In a classroom, I sit.
Empty, I wish. Loud, it was.

The door, Open.
Let through, a cold breeze.
Let my eyes wander outside.

Empty, and Desolate.
Everyone, in class.
Broken windows.
A plastic bag flies,
skating 'cross the floor.

The sun, shine bright.
The corridors, stay dim.

Nothing was happening.
Yet everything was,

I made my eyes ignore.
Yet my body stays involved.
O: A Girl That Dreamed New


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O: A Girl That Dreamed.

Little girl, what are your dream?
"I want to make the world happy!"

The childish girl answered,
With the milky way, painting her eyes
Warm and joyful, Innocent and white,
Enough to warm the heart of all lying adults.

Adults lie when they say they'll root for you.
"You can do it!" "I see, what a dream!"
They speak, they lied.

When the young girl wrote on her paper,

"I want to warm up the world,
until everything becomes
happiness and smiles."

The teacher called her out, and told her
"Grow up, young lady! You are almost an adult!"

The young girl looked at her feet,
as the entire class laughed at her dream.
Not everyone, but it felt loud enough to be the entire class.
Some looked away. Some stared with pitying eyes.

The young girl retired early from school,
Now in a soundproof room,
she sang her dream instead of speaking it.

People liked when she had sung her dream.
Yet all they heard was the melody,
and not the dream she had earnestly sung.

Someday, the girl would give up.
When she did, she would kill herself.
The girl she is would die, and transform.
She would become a woman, alike to any other.

Big dreams, didn't fit on such a small world.

"If so, I'll be my own world.
I as my own world will be warm and delightful,
until everything becomes happiness and smiles."

The girl mused, looking at the reflection of the ocean in the sky.
She was a child for so many years, and now was the real start of her life.

The girl had become a woman against her own will.
As such, the girl through her dream into the ocean.
Where one day, upon the millennium,

Alike to every other dream, cast away by adults,
It will become a star. Twinkling in the night sky.

The woman smiled.
As she finally awoke.
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