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hello hello !! i decided to reboots my interest check, add a little glimmer to it and look for new partners! So just for the guide on this code, the icons on the left side for different tabs! 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 please DM me for requests or if you’re interested because I prefer to keep this thread clean! ^w^

about me
i am a female and I use she / her pronouns and am currently in the united kingdom! Overall, most of the people I see in RpNation seems to be in America (apologises if I am wrong) so it will be a bit hard! (´;ω;`) I usually write up to 1-3 paragraphs, three on a good day, one on a bad day. I‘d also like to chat in OOC because maybe we could have a little friendship! I am unable to roleplay on discord because I don’t usually go into it. I usually roleplay on the 1x1s section but DMs are also fine! I use codes for my replies, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ I can do CANON X CANON or OC X OC but I wouldn’t like to do OC X CANON. I don’t do doubling as well so that may cause issues ^^ ; here is a writing sample if you’d like!

i’ll probably just repeat myself again lol but I have a few rules! if you’re going on vacation or will be absent on RpNation for a period of time, please don’t ghost me! feel free to drop the roleplay while your gone or tell me beforehand. Same goes for hiatuses. Another thing - Writing styles! As I said earlier, I do 100 - 200 / 300 words in 1-3 paragraphs! No one liners please! At least write a paragraph or two please! Also, my bump policy is 48 hours so two days. You’re welcome to respond instantly after my post but I’ll take longer to reply! I’d like you to be LGBTQ+ friendly please as I different pairings. I do public + dms for roleplay!

perhaps we could take turns doing starters? I also prefer to roleplay on-site and don’t really do doubling! Sorry !

Fandoms! Yes! I have a list that I’m into and underlined fandoms means that I really want to roleplay that one!

my hero academia
- quite a popular one here on RpNation! I have a few pairings in mind : Kirishima x Bakugo, Deku x uraraka and Jiro x Denki! i don’t really support Bakudeku as it’s really unrealistic this ship would happen. Yet I don’t mind doing OC X OC so maybe we can do that instead!

genshin impact
- if you’ve heard of that game, it’s pretty good! I have a few pairings I love but you’re welcome to do an OC x OC of this! Pairings include Xiao x Venti, Childe x Lumine and maybe Raiden x Yae.
- I also have a few plots for this fandom which I’ll list down later on!

Komi can’t communicate
- unlike many others, I ship Rumiko and Tadano! Sorry Komi shippers! But I’m happy to do Komi and Tadano but I think Rumiko and Tadano are cute haha.. but I wouldn’t mind Rumiko x Komi (>人< )

spy x family
- not really interested but can do this. I ship Twiyor and DamiAnya but aside from that, I don’t know really about this fandom.

Shang Chi and the ten rings
- I love this movie, such a good plotline!

avatar : the way of the water
- seen many people starting to roleplay this! Seems exciting although i don’t have a character prepared for this!

warrior cats
i’ve been looking for so long yet some people just never respond to me after sharing character sheets 😭 but I usually stick to original clans and OC X OC. I like cross-clan relationship tropes or kittypet / rogue x clan cat because they get so interesting!

Stray kids
- I’ve been searching for sooo long! I like a few pairings so we could discuss over DMs ! I like doing AUs such as coffee shop AU , Acting AU and all sorts! Let’s all collaborate some ideas!

sky COTL
- love this game! It’s so creative! I’m currently broke but I like to pretend I have many candles lol. we can share OCs and make up a plot ig!

the promised neverland
- such a good manga, but so sad. we can do OCs for this, being the children that escape! I’m still on volume 3 ( don’t judge me I’m broke 。゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。 ) so I’m not too deep into the fandom yet!

school for good and evil
- not sure if you know this book! It’s a book and a Netflix show. I really recommend watching it. We can an Agatha x Sophie roleplay or OC X OC!

Harry Potter
- thinking of OC X OC as I already have a CS ready but more than okay to do a canon x canon!

any Kpop roleplay
- we could choose one of the plots below !
hunger games
just watched it, super cool!

King the land
perhaps something based off the story?


introverted x extroverted
popular x unpopular
pop star x fan
angel x demon
demon x human
experiment x experiment
shop worker x customer
royalty x poor
bad x good
apocalypse survivor x apocalypse surviver
assassin x target
soulmate x soulmate
sea x land
Fallen Angel x human
Rival x rival
experiment x experiment
immortal x mortal

enemies to loves
best friends to lovers
fake dating
Forbidden love
I’d prefer to use orignal characters for this!

✦ a recently broken up person is desperate for love and goes travelling to find a purpose. But what happens if she keeps bumping into a certain person?

✦ a stern and serious boss has to send an energetic and playful spy for a mission.

✦ a World where you are born with a birthmark which will be marking with your soulmate. What happens if you don’t have a birthmark?

✦ an extroverted person goes with their friend whom they like to a party where they witness their friend falling in love with another person which turns out they’re both in the same school / live near each other and they hold a grudge against them until they become unlikely friends when the person they both like moves away.

✦ a person has a dream about the sea and goes down and happens to meet a sea person and the two form a strong friendship.

✦ a system where you must go to a ball and get chosen by someone but what if this person likes the same gender?

✦ a couple are together until a car crash causes one of them to have a memory loss so they don’t remember the other one and the other one tries to help them remember them again.

✦ two people love each other yet forbidden to speak to each other so tries to run away together.

✦ a recently wounded angel falls from the sky into earth where they’re discovered by someone else who tries to
help the angel back to heaven.

✦ a recently broken up couple hate each other but one of them tries to win the other back again.

✦ theres a group of really good friends but one of the friends realise that another one in the group has been faking a smile for ages and tries to find out what’s behind the mask.

✦ a band stops and separates but two of them doesn’t want that so the two start a band of their own.

✦ a failing person gets assigned a tutor to help them and turns out the tutor is a bully but they treat them nicely because they seem interested in them

✦ a friend of two try to ship the two together but the two don’t like each other but slowly get feelings for each other.

✦ a yandere is obsessed with a person and kills people for them but what happens when they find out about the killings?

✦ a person who gives up playing an instrument long ago because of an incident meets a very energetic person who encourages them to play again.

✦ a person goes into a haunted house despite being very scared just to meet their friend that works there who they love but what happens when one of them goes missing in the haunted house?

✦ a person is looking for something but just doesn’t know what it is until they meet someone else who is also looking for something.

✦ a pessimistic person meets an optimistic person who might die soon and they show them how to enjoy life.

✦ resurrected lovers who try to find each other again

✦ two people in a band etc. gets shipped together, one likes it the other one doesn’t


✧Because - stray kids
✧in the dark - Swae lee
✧water fountain - Alec Benjamin
✧Someone like you - Adele
✧Save your tears - The Weekend
✧People you know - camilla cabello
✧Taste - stray kids
✧Heatwaves - glass animals
✧Love story - Taylor swift
✧Bad child - tones and I
✧Fix you - coldplay
✧say yes to heaven - Christi buckley
✧i wanna be yours - Arctic monkeys
✧double take - dhruv
✧cupid - FIFTY FIFTY

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