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Fandom Lost Reality [Durarara!!, FSN, ME+ more]

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"I am the bone of my sword."
(Updated Oct. 14th, 2020: not actively looking for DA.)

Oh, hello there.

It's been a while since I've made a thread, mostly because... well. -motions outside- I think a lot of people get it. However, I have a (surprising) craving that I'm hoping someone will help me out with. Although I am very much a Mass Effect junkie, what I'm looking for is not Mass Effect (though I do encourage you to message me if you're interested, because I do love that series). The current craving I'm having is for Durarara!! (I don't get into animes very often, but this one was just great). I could also go for some Dragon Age . Really, I'm just looking for an engaging story and partner. So, to kick things off, here's a little about me:

About me:

  • I'm 32, and I've been rping for a long time. Like... seventeen years at least. Thankfully I am a much more advanced rper than I was back then.

  • I'm also a writer-- screen, mostly. I have not yet had anything produced, but given time, and some luck, I believe I will. I have had something produced. If we get to know each other well enough, I may share!

  • I write a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs, depending on action, dialogue, and what I've been given. I don't care much for labels, but for clarity's sake, I'm a fairly advanced rper. Not to say every response will be pure gold, but when I'm engaged, I do my best.

  • I play many characters-- not just types of characters (though that too) but literally, I have a plethora of characters in my mental bank, and I don't like sticking to just one. I may have a central character, but to craft an engaging and worthwhile story, you need more than one character. So I multicharacter like no one's business. On that same vein, if you have characters that are related in some way (familial or not) that you want me to play, I'm open to hearing about them.

  • If there's romance (and I would like there to be as long as it's not all there is to the rp), I prefer MxF relationships. That said, as far as ME is concerned, I'm a little flexible on this, but obviously communication is key. I want us both to be happy with the rp.

  • I love to plot-- but I love it more when my partner and I plot together. I do not like being the one that constantly has to move the plot forward. There's obviously a flow to an rp, so I don't want just willy-nilly action sequences that spring up out of no where, but-- you know what? This leads into my next point.

  • I appreciate communication with my partner. Plot, or just general banter. It's the key to any functioning partnership. I'm friendly, a little cray, and pretty creative (I like to think) so don't hesitate when you've got an idea to just send me a PM in caps telling me ABOUT THIS AMAZING IDEA YOU HAVE. It happens, I like it. I will likely come up with plots for your characters. Please reciprocate. The story is for both of us.

  • I love it when my partner throws things at me unexpectedly.
    ... plot wise.
    ... in the roleplay.
    ... please don't throw things at me. ^^;

  • I prefer rping through messages, not threads.

  • Do I do AU settings? Maybe. Possibly. I'm open to discussion!

  • I reply when I can. My health is basically a rollercoster, so sometimes I can reply quickly, and sometimes I cannot. Some days I will be around, some days I will not. I work, have a boyfriend, and some days I pretend I'm adult and pay bills and run errands. I'm also hella patient. I'm not going to hound you for replies. I may, occasionally, send a message indicating that I'm still interested in our rp if I haven't heard from you and you haven't indicated that you're discontinuing, but it will not be rude or demanding. Just a simple reminder than when you're ready and have time, I'm here. I would appreciate the same courtesy.

  • Long term would be the preference. I've had some partners for years, working on the same rp. It's delightful, but it cannot be forced. Some people you click with, and some you don't.

Mm. That turned out longer than I intended. If I haven't lost you yet, here's a few things I would be looking for in an ideal partner.

What I'm looking for:

  • Be older than 20. As mentioned, I'm 32. I like rping with people in my age group, so we can gripe about reality together. High school was a long time ago for me. I can't relate that well.

  • Be friendly. Do not demand things of me, do not be disrespectful. I rp for fun and as a hobby to keep my mind sharp (and distracted). If it becomes stressful for me, I will end it. I would expect the same of you.

  • If you are new to the rp scene, I am likely not a good person to start an rp with. While I state I do this as a hobby, I have in recent years developed some high standards in regards to what keeps me engaged. I'm not good for beginners. Not to say you shouldn't try, but please don't get offended if I politely decline to continue after so long.

  • Literacy-- it's kind of a strange term to use, I'm finding. So here's the thing: I expect punctuation, capitalization, and general proper use of the English language in our rps. You can use chat speak in OOC if that's your jam, but I cannot engage myself if I feel like I'm reading an internet chat log.

  • No one-liners. I don't expect novels (unless that's your jam, in which case, go right ahead) but I detest single line replies. Even one paragraph constantly can lose my interest. It's quality over quantity, but give me something to sink my teeth into?

  • Play multiple characters. You don't have to go to the lengths I do, but I would appreciate it if you could play more than two characters. We're not going to have them all in the same room at the same time (often) so we'll try not to get ourselves overwhelmed, but I don't want to end up carrying the story because I've got all the characters. Also, as I indicated above, where I am happy to play characters related in some way to your characters, I would appreciate the same courtesy with any characters I may have. Not mandatory, but appreciated.

  • I hate saying this-- I really do-- but if you come to me saying you want to play 'the female role', or if you only play female characters, we won't mesh well. I am totally fine with individuals that do that (everyone has their preference!) but that isn't what I'm looking for in a partner.

  • Plot with me. It's pretty self-explanatory. Help me make something we both enjoy.

  • For a Mass Effect rp, I prefer to keep the canon races only in the rp. I think it is wonderful that you have developed a new-- or ancient-- alien life form you would like to incorporate into the rp, but I'm not interested in doing so. I like to stick to the codex races and known races. I'm happy to stretch the limits of knowledge or fill in gaps where there are some in the lore, but let's keep it believable.

  • I like to banter. Do you? Let's weep and wail/twist and shout about Mass Effect together. Let's talk about how much we would enjoy getting stuck in SAO. I'm also open to discussing other games/shows that have left emotional and psychological scars on us.
I think... I think that's it.
Again, longer than I wanted, but there it is.

So onto fun things.

Dragon Age

I have played all the games. Bioware kills my soul. I would prefer to set things during the Inquisition (dibs on Inquisitor!) and if you want to do this one? Be prepared and willing to play a large cast. We're bringing everyone into this one. OCs welcome, OC x Canon wholly accepted.
(Did not expect this to be so popular! You can still hit me up, but I'm no longer looking.)

And Durarara!!

I've seen both seasons of it, and love it. I'd like to use original characters with cameos by canon ones, though I am open to canon x oc as well, as long as it's discussed. I have the vague outline of a plot in mind, as well.

If all that fails, I could also be coaxed into the following rps:
- Mass Effect (always an option)
- Dragon Age (because Bioware kills my soul)
- Sword Art Online (Seen 1, 2, and Ordinal Scale. I couldn't get into Alicization. OCs preferred, or canons only.)
- RvB (wouldn't mind playing Tex and/or Carolina) - Seen up to and including Season 15.
- Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Finished it. Adored it. Kind of had an itch for it lately, too...
- Titanfall 2 - Finished it, loved it.
- Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Prefer AU. I wish my brother would stop getting me into animes that leave me with gaping wounds in my feels.. Finished this series. Love it. Extra points if you let me play a female Archer (Femiya).
- Original content: I thought I would add this in. I don't do original rps very often, and I'm... admittedly quite fussy about them. If you want to do something original, note that your best bet is with anything urban fantasy/modern supernatural. I don't do slice of life, normal rps. They bore me, sadly. Gotta have some sort of supernatural/fantasy kick to it. And I prefer modern or futuristic, rather than historical.

Though for any of the above, you may need to have a plot.
Except Mass Effect.

If you're still here, and still interested, please send me a message.

If I'm not your cup of tea, I hope you find what you're looking for.

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