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Lost in Space [Open]

Much like Netflix's newly released rendition of Lost in Space, our story takes place in similar circumstances. Now, if you have not seen the series, don't worry. I will explain everything.

In the series, it mostly focuses on a family of 5, but I'm going to take 5-6 people max. I don't plan on this to be a family RP, so I'll be taking adults. I prefer characters are around the 18-35 range. If you want to make a character anywhere outside of that range, just ask and tell me why, and I will consider it.

Now, on to the good part. It's 2048 and technological advances have exceeded past most human comprehension. That's why a select few are chosen to depart earth and go live in the space station, The Resolute. Not only are they chosen because of their brains, but the earth is a dying planet. The government is creating it's very first space voyage to Alpha Centauri, a habital planet not too far from our solar system. The Resolute holds 200 space ships that act as living headquarters for each group of 5-6 people. Our story starts with an invader on board that forces each group to departure early. That is, if they make it. Our group is ejected from The Resolute and that is the last thing we remember before waking up on a mysterious, and potentially habital planet.

If enough people take interest, I will make a thread for character sheets. We can choose as a group if we'd rather have this in a PM or in the forums. It's up to you all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Available Positions:
-Medic (1-2)
-Engineer (1-2)
-Navigator (1)
-Co-Captain (1)
-Captain/Pilot (1)

I plan on everyone having basic knowledge of each section. Everybody will just be more well versed in one specifically.
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This is still open. I plan on taking 5 people max, so we have an even amount group of six. If you're interested, please tell me so.
I have a super busy week ahead of me, but I will keep this going as I see it's had some interest recently. Feel free go make a CS. I'm taking the Pilot spot, but anyone is welcome to take any other positions.

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