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Futuristic 𝕃𝕠𝕤𝕥 {FxM} {1x1}

Sub Genres
Adventure, Anime, Horror, Realistic


Queen of shorties
Today is December 23rd 3023
...Its been about a year since the world became nothing.
I doubt anybody is still alive.

i found a gas station not too far from new jersey.
traveled about 20 miles from where i was to new jersey.
not easy.
I took breaks here and there but I kept pushing myself. My legs
are weak.
I think i am gonna rest on a bench outside the gas station...

There has been noises circling around me...sounds like footsteps. But im alone.
What if there is another human here. A friend..? No? But its getting more heavy...that is not human.
I must hide.

I see a creature, not human like. ¨The thing¨ has 3 legs 5 eyes and 2 arms. Its about 7 feet tall..I cant make out the height.

December 24th 3023

I hear a voice, a Male voice. Its close, inside the gas station. What should I do?...I must approach

This will be a long term or short term roleplay, hopefully long term. This is a Thriller survival. Please be a literate roleplayer.

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