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Daris came back up his weapon clean and dorag back in place hiding his ears. He nodded to his comrades before expecting the sails making sure nothing was too badly damaged.
Many people who get blackout drunk wake up to find themselves in a bathroom, on the street, or in a stranger's bedroom. Berry, however, found herself in a place that was poorly illuminated by cracks in the walls.

Where was she? Wherever it was, it was somewhat cramped.

"Ugh, where the hell did I end up?"
All of a sudden there was a bright light as the "roof” disappeared. "And a bottle of rum..." He pulls out a bottle not far from you and you might have realized two things: 1. You were in a crate and 2 this is your chance to escape since your "liberator" didn't notice you.
Berry didn't wait. She immediately flew out of the crate, her wings giving her just enough lift to do so. She didn't hide, really. Berry was just glad to be out of the crate, so instead, she just slumped against another crate and heaved a sigh.
After a moment of getting her bearings, Berry rose back up to her feet and began to follow where she saw the man went.

"Might as well see where I ended up."
After a moment of getting her bearings, Berry rose back up to her feet and began to follow where she saw the man went.

"Might as well see where I ended up."
He hides the bottle beneath his jacket. He turns a corner and passes some doors without pausing and without a word. He climbs some stairs completely oblivious to anyone following but at this point, they might feel a gentle wind blowing. At the top of the steps, he passes some doors left open and at this point anyone following might see that they are one the deck of a ship. He glances around and sees in the distance a man in a captain's hat talking to two women also apparently of some rank. Popeye walks in the opposite direction, tightening his grip on the hidden bottle. In a short time, he reaches some sailors rolling dice. One of them looks up, "Do you have it?" "I do," replies Popeye. He produces a bottle from his jacket and his friends' eyes light up. They take turns drinking from the bottle as they play and talk. (you are free to stop following at any time. Maybe you didn't witness these events. maybe you never made is to the deck. maybe you did. I tried to leave it open ended.)
The fairy would follow all the way up to the deck, and here, she split off to look over the railing. She had to confirm that she was indeed on a ship, because if so, she wasn't quite sure how she was going to avoid being thrown overboard.
Daris looked over while he was expecting the sails. He tilted his head at the sprite. Odd he didn't know that there was a fairy crew member. Shaking his head he goes to look out into the vast ocean.
Maxwell was admiring the view around the whole ship from where he was standing, having temporarily forgotten about Shana. Then he sees a small head peeking over the railing some distance away. He runs his eyes to make sure it isn't his eyes playing tricks on him. The small head is still peeking over the railing. He turns to see what the eyes are looking at, which appear to be a few sailors playing a card game. Maxwell walks over to the railing and leans on it, keeping a seemingly good distance to not make the sprite startled. "Hello there!" He greets cheerfully in his swashbuckler tone of voice. "What brings you here to this lovely boat? Sight seeing? Adventure? Something else? Or..." He rubs his chin thoughtfully. "...or a handsome lad you saw who you wanted to be close to?" Celestial Kayaus Celestial Kayaus

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