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He thinks he's finished with what he needs to do so now he finds a spot on the deck to sit and takes out his shortsword, all beaten up and dulled. He sighs. "This won't do at all. I can't cut through human flesh with this!" So he grabs his sharpening stone and prepares to be sitting there for a while to sharpen the edge. It makes a "shing!" sound each time the blade is moved along the surface, bringing fond memories of Maxwell's first attempts at smithing way back.
Shana walks up to Maxwell, "It's not human flesh it needs to cut though nomally. Humans and some other civilized races are usually cowed well enough by simply being shown steel. You need to worry more about those who are not and 7 times out of 10, those have thicker skin. The exception being you and I. Our reaction to being shown steel is different..."
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Maxwell continues sharpening his blade, meeting the eyes of the talker. "You're right, I never really was good with words." He regards her carefully while keeping his movements slow and steady. "We see steel and take it as a challenge to be won at any cost. As good as one is with a blade there's always someone better."

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Shana: "I see your steel. I see how you care for it. It is not just a tool to you. It is an extension of your will, but I have you at a disadvantage. It's only fair that you see my steel." She pulls a katana from its scabbard. "This is Rita. She has been at my side for a long time."
(If there is sunlight) As she draws the blade, the steel casts a ray of light across his eyes. Rita... It is a beautiful weapon, rarely has he seen such good work before. "Oh... My... Word..." The sheath is relatively plain, but the steel is decorated in a very fine, intricate pattern by the hands of a master. He hears the blade sing as it is revealed, and is certain that it sings while in combat as well. "Rita is beautiful. My steel feels... Underdressed, shall we say?" He laughs lightly, having finished sharpening his sword and puts the sharpening stone away.
(there is sunlight) "Thank you, I try to take care of her. erm... underdressed? no, i'm not sure I know what you mean..."
Damn! That sounded better in my head... He itches a scratch on his head, hair blowing in the breeze. "Uh... Good point, I'm not sure either... Hehehe..." Nervous laughs. Maxwell stands up and watches the sea. "I never thought I'd have the opportunity to ride a ship like this. It's almost unreal..."

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Varith walked upon onto the deck and looked about some, glad to be out of his room which he had locked after doing a few more supply checks and looking in on the crew. It was good to be traveling again after a stint in the last port. He could only do so much for those hapless souls crossing the strange forces in the world in one spot. This ship showed some promise, though he did check the curious wand at his belt along with his pouches for a moment. The ocean held many strange things to be wary of and he had stocked up on his esoterica before joining the ship.

"At least the sun is out, that usually discourages some trouble," He mutters and casts his gaze about again.
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