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Losa: Land of Shadows & Aberrations


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The inside of the Inn looks pretty ordinary, as far as Inns are concerned. The entire room is lit up with candles, and even magical light in some places. Tables and chairs are laid out neatly, and the bar sits in the back of the room, with empty stools lined up at it. Stairs lead up to the second floor on the left of the bar. There are a few patrons currently sitting at different tables in almost complete silence, but not enough to make the Inn look filled at all. They all glance at you as you come in, then go back to their drinks quietly. A scruffy and unkempt man in his mid 50s tends the bar quietly. He has long black hair and a matching beard that is almost equally as long. He looks up at the group as they come in, and his eyes widen in a mock surprise. "Well now, I don't think I've ever seen people this weird looking walk into my Inn. I don't recognize you as residents of Lond, please come and sit down." He speaks in a deep and rough voice, and he grabs a mug and starts filling it with ale. "My name is Dimitri Kezkov, and welcome to The Fleeting Respite Inn. I would advise you to take the name seriously."


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Zarra lowers the hood on her cloak, the shimmering patterns that made it almost look like she wasn't there at all going dull. The short half-drow slides her spear into one of the straps on her pack and leans her elbows on the bar, standing on her toes. "What does that mean, pray tell? You're gonna kick us the fuck out after an hour?" She looks around at the few people sitting quietly at the tables, nursing their drinks. "Seems like it would be bad for business, and we just doubled your number of customers. Unless people dropping out of the sky is a regular fucking occurrence." She forces a genial tone, despite the cursing.

She slides a gold piece across the bar to the hairy barkeep. "I got the first round." She looks at the others, though avoids meeting the drow's eyes. "To make up for my typically shitty first impression."


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Walking into the tavern, Sid'nee was glad to see nobody paying all that much attention to her. Not more than her companions at least. 'This is rare,' thought Sid'nee to herself as she walked up to the bar, slightly behind the dwarven fellow. As Zarra moved around her and made eye contact with everyone except her, Sid'nee glanced over Zarra, a little surprised. 'Eh, might find out why she's nervous some other time'

"G'day mate," said Sid'nee as she slid onto one of the bar stools, "What seems ta be the bother, if people are only getting a fleeting respite from it?"


The cold air pierced through Arcturus’ lungs as he ran. A strange mixture of fear and excitement fuelled his limbs, allowing to keep the Wand of Conducting going even during the chase. Finally they had reached the village. Would they need to make their stand here? No, in fact those shadow swordsmen stopped right at the edge of the light. Couldn’t these creatures enter this specific area or was there something else?

Or maybe they just hated glowing capes and music, that was also a possibility.

Arcturus decided to put the wand away. It felt inappropriate to continue blaring music in this desolate place. His thoughts were interrupted by a question. He looked over his shoulder at the warforged.

“Drone was it? You have an interesting way of looking at the world.”

The half-elf then snapped his fingers. “Aenye,” He whispered. His cloak returned to its natural dim state, while also feeling a little bit warmer due to Prestidigitation. It brought some relief, though no doubt it would do little if they kept standing in this biting cold.

Thus Arcturus followed the others into the bar. His first impression was... underwhelming to say the least. The place was too lit up to be really moody, and these people acted like ordinary folk minding their own business. Though that might change now that the crude drow lady immediately decided to shit talk the entire bar.

Well it’s not like I can claim to be any better since I agitated some shadow warriors earlier even if unintended. Arcturus thought while smiling politely,

“You do seem to have a knack for making meeting you memorable, though I did not quite catch your name there earlier?” He then looked at the dwarf who seemed to be the only one that had his head on his shoulders, “And pray tell, what is your name sir dwarf?”


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Mind your language, young lady! Arthimus repeats, with the accompanying finger wag. The ebb and glow of his purple eyes is less noticeable now they are in the light. Then he turns to scan the inn, gaze gliding over the patrons before settling on the barkeep. The warforged steps closer to the bar until he can lay his hands on the counter. Pleasure to meet you, mister Kezkov. My name is Arthur Arthimus, former merchant and current father of a beautiful daughter!

The warforged turns his head to look at the half-drow. That is very kind of you, young lady. I appreciate it. I cannot remember the last time I had a good drink on the behalf of a new friend. He turns to the barkeep. One good ole goblin of your average ale, if you so please mister Kezkov!


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Dimitri doesn't even blink at Zarra's foul language, as if it's a normal everyday occurrence for him. He drags the gold piece behind the counter and starts filling up mugs. He passes them out to everyone at the bar one at a time, until everyone has a drink. "I mean that no where is truly safe, even in here." Dimitri does a dramatic slow turn to look at the shadow he is casting behind him. It looks like a regular shadow to you, but he seems to think something more of it. He turns back to you with a more serious expression on his face. "This is just the safest you can ask for."

Dimitri pulls out a faded gold pocket watch and checks the time on it. He then looks up to you all. "It's going to get dark soon, and cold. All of my rooms here are filled up, but I can give you the attic to sleep in. It's big enough to fit all of you. It might need some tidying up though, I haven't gone up there in a long time. Please stay down here and drink as long as you like though, I'm not going to complain."


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Giving Dimitri a grin, Sid'nee took a sip of ale. She'd stayed in worse - barns, just pitching up in a field. An attic was good for her. Glancing around the bar, Sid'nee was once again grateful to herself that she'd sprung for her glasses. She could see a small black spider sat in a spider's web that had been placed in the corner of the bar.

Sid'nee liked spiders a lot. Ever since she'd been little, and arguably by elven standards she was still young, Sid'nee had had a fondness for animals. It had started during her days in the forest mansion as far as she could remember. Sid'nee couldn't remember growing up in the Underdark, aside from one or two trips down she'd spent most of her life on the surface. She could barely remember the forest mansion, save for the fact that most of the adults spent their time tending to the gardens and the vegetable patches, or hunting food. Mostly she'd been cared for by a slightly older child whose proper name she'd long forgotten. Sid'nee could however remember calling her Lisa on more than one occasion. Lisa had had a fondness for animals too, teaching Sid'nee that it was okay to talk to animals, especially any wounded ones that were found in the forest and brought back to the mansion. Lisa had explained that sometimes, people could talk to animals and the animals could talk back.

"Sounds good, mate," said Sid'nee as she took another sip, "Attic sounds nice for me, should be easy to tidy it up for you in exchange for sleeping up there." Glancing to her new friends, Sid added, "Might've seen someone who could tell us more, give me a bit yeah?"

Sliding her way around until she could be nearer to the spider's web, Sid'nee took another swig of her ale as she tried to 'connect' with her patron. Connect was just what she called it - she knew clerics and paladins prayed but the connection between herself and her patron wasn't religious in that way. It seemed as if Sid'nee had only to think and sometimes her patron would deign to answer into her mind.

'Queen of Spiders, what one of your children is this?' asked Sid'nee, not being readily able to identify every single species of spider by glance alone. Waiting for the usual length of time while she sipped her ale, Sid'nee realised that where there usually was a small hum in her mind to indicate there was a connection even if Lolth wasn't talking there was nothing. Dead silence. 'Huh, that's odd.'

Sid'nee decided to just talk to the spider. Keeping her voice down, what came out of Sid'nee's mouth would sound like odd little chirps and squeaks. For the spider though, it was perfectly coherent speech.

"Ey me ol' cobber," started Sid'nee, "So, what's the story around here? Heard of any of the goings on in the town? What's the attic space like, mate?" asked Sid'nee, figuring she'd wait until the spider talked instead of just peppering questions at their web.


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The dwarf slid onto a bar seat next to Arcturus and threw up a hand as a signal for a drink “I’ll twke whatever ya got that’s cheap” the dwarf sighed and looked to the half elf, looking them up before speaking “The name is Renault, leader of the Tungsten Baron mercenary crew” the dwarf chuckled to himself and continued “well, ex leader now it seems” and gestured to the space around them “Got any idea of where we are my elven friend?”
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Zarra looks at the ramshackle metal man with a curious smirk. He was hands down one of the strangest creatures she'd ever met. When the drinks arrive, she slides one toward the construct. "I've been called young and worse, but it's rare that anyone mistakes me for a lady." She barks out a laugh and gives Arthur a hearty pat on the back, then grimaces, hoping she didn't dislodge some vital component on the rickety fellow. She takes a big swig of her own drink, happy to find it better than what she thought she might get in a place such as this.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I'm Zarra." She shakes the half-elf's hand with a firm grip. "Last time I got dropped into another plane of existence there were some fucking demons waiting for me, so forgive my paranoia."

Watching the bartender eye his shadow, she furrows her brow and looks at her own. What kind of place is this that you have to fear your own shadow? Luckily I've got a different sort of shadow looking out for me. Isn't that right, little brother? She feels a little warmth flow out of that frozen point in her chest. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll find a fight sooner rather than later.

"So what's your fu-- your stories?" Zarra asks Arthur and Arcturus.
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Having spoken with the spider in the web and convinced them to come with her, Sid'nee gently held her hand out so they could climb out of the web and onto the palm of her hand, which she then placed near her head so that the spider could climb into her hair. It felt a little strange to have a spider creeping across her hair but Sid'nee wasn't overly concerned. She'd been in far worse places and sometimes had bugs crawling over her and it hadn't been by choice.

Walking back to the group, Sid'nee motioned with her thumb to her head. "Well mates, just made a new mate called Naqshar," said Sid'nee with a grin, "She said she's heard stuff in the attic but never been up there herself. So now at least we know something is up there that can make a noise that travels down here. Also before I forget," Sid'nee reached into one of the many pouches that lined the leather belt that she wore over the top of her leather armor. Withdrawing her hand, the group could see an elderly white mouse curled up in the palm of Sid'nee's hand, "This 'ere's me ol' cobber Steve. Or rather Steve the Fourth." said Sid'nee with a smile, gently caressing the little mouse, "Had a mouse friend since I was little, and every one of them was named Steve. He tends to just sleep in his pouch though. Getting on a bit for an old mouse." Placing the empty glass down, Sid'nee felt a little off balance. 'Guess one is tonight's magic number.' thought Sid'nee.


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Creeping over by the bar, Drone watches Sid'nee and his interaction with the spider. Curious, but keeping quite. Looking around the bar, he feels lost. Not lost as in he doesn't know where he is. Drone has been to many bars Inns. Maybe too many. He stares around the room, trying to pick-up some of what others in the room are saying. Not necessarily for anything important, just for the sack of being nostalgia.

Muttering to himself. "How long as it been? Too long. Too long." With this he turns his attention back to his group, as well as keeping half an eye on that spider. Moving a little closer to Zarra, he speaks about with a half smile, his left side of his smile distorted, "Is this now be story time? An event is not a story, if you do not share the occurrences of the event. Our pasts are all different. Our pasts all have events, that can be turned into stories."


Arcturus ignored the drink the bartender put on the table. Even if it was technically free and an offer from someone else, something just felt off about all this. He nodded at the dwarf that finally made himself known as Renault. “Ah named after a metal? Quite a good choice. In fact my father used to be in an adventurer’s guild that named themselves after weapons made of volcanic glass. As for where we are...” Before he could answer Renault’s question the rude drow had stepped up and finally introduced herself.

Zarra’s grip had been strong unexpectedly, even more so because Arcturus didn’t remember extending his hand in the first place. He continued smiling at the drow even as he rubbed his hand. In the meanwhile that Drone fellow (or thing, he wasn’t quite sure of that) continued to ramble along. Arcturus eyed the other golem-esque creature named Arthimus. Something was particularly off about that one, as if it lived in a world of its own. What kind of golem drank ale anyway?

Then Sid’nee approached them with her tale of talking to... a spider. And then she introduced them to her “cobber” Steve, which was a mouse. “You really like animals don’t you?” that comment escaped Arcturus’ mouth before he realized it. Still, he kept on smiling throughout.

Arcturus gave Arthimus a friendly tap on the shoulder while he made his way to the centre of the bar. “You ask for stories Zarra?” The half-elf said while strumming his cittern, “Let me tell you one,”

Once there was a devil child full of rage

All these cultists bound him in a cage

Yet he got out and slaughtered all of them

But he promised himself this was not the end

He swore an oath that was so binding

Even though everyone said it was too blinding


He wanted to


All his enemies would know dread


And in the end he said


For his power would spread

-end chorus-

Finally free he joined a guild

Yet there he found himself unwilled

Though he slew many a foe

Dragons, demons, no matter what the show

It was always something else instead

Everyone stopped in their own head

-repeat chorus-

And then he transformed once more

A demigod of conquest ready to fight a war

never ending, plane after plane

For to fight evil there must be one to contain

One to be ready

One to hold steady

No matter what the cost

Even if his children were lost...

-repeat chorus-

The song ended, leaving Arcturus heaving and breathless. The various images and sounds that accompanied the song with his minor illusion stopped as well. The half-elf looked up, a glint of madness in his eyes. When he thought that the dwarf was the only one with a good head on his shoulders, Arcturus had indeed counted himself as one of the crazy ones.

“So bartender, what’s in that attic of yours and why do shadows not like light here? Tell me, for I will conquer their challenge.”


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Dimitri looked back at Arcturus with an amused expression hidden somewhere under his beard. "That's an interesting song, boy." He takes Sid'nee's empty cup and fills it back up, placing the full mug down on the bar. "I honestly don't remember what's in the attic, old furniture maybe. I haven't been up there in years. There might be some snow that's blown in, on account of the broken window up there, but other than that I think your biggest fight will be with the dust that has built up in there. I think the spider just likes the warmth down here." He nods over to Naqshar, then narrows his eyes slightly at Sid'nee. "By the way, you are taking my only bug catcher in this place. I should have you on bug catching duty now, as compensation." Chuckling to himself, Dimitri looks back at Arcturus. "Anyways, I'll tell you a little bit about the shadows. They like darkness the best, it's their home. The light displaces them a lot, but they learn to hide among what little darkness is created by light. Some are even strong enough to snuff out light bearing objects like torches. The one thing they absolutely hate are silkstones. Just cast a light spell on one of those, and you're golden. If only it were that easy. The best piece of advice I can give you is this, don't act up around shadows. In fact, try not to act up at all, since you never know if they're watching. They can't understand speech, so say what you want, but they are the constant observer of your actions. They seem to be alright with fighting as long as it's not against them. As soon as you pick a fight with them though, you will wish you hadn't."

Dimitri checks his watch again, clicking it closed after a bit with a sigh. "It's nighttime now. I would suggest not leaving town right now, if that was your intention. They have a type of curfew over the land, and they do not tolerate people wandering outside of the settlements at night. I think that they think something fishy is happening when they see people going out at night. The shadows do not like to take chances." You can notice that it gets a little darker outside the windows of the Inn, and you can even see a couple lights go out.


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Arthimus takes the mug of ale without a moment’s hesitation. It takes him a bit longer to figure out how to exactly move it so that the liquid would spill into what resembled his mouth, but once he does he chugs the entire thing in one go. He doesn’t notice the way it immediately spills out of him, soaking through his clothes. Once done, he wipes his mouth with the back of his sleeve. “Refreshing!”

He looks towards Zarra. “Me? I was a merchant once, but now I’m a father.” Clearly having detailed his story enough for his tastes, he turns to Sid’nee. “Young lady, are you aware there is a spider on your head? Do you need me to remove it for you?” He looks up when Arcturus taps his shoulder, tilting his head. “Yes, do you need something?”

Soon the Warforged is distracted by the bard’s song. He enthusiastically claps once the song is finished, metal clanging against metal quite loudly as he does so. “Brave-o! Brave-o!” he cheers, though the emotion comes out a little flat, his voice only rising in volume. He stares at Dimitri when the barkeep talks, his eyes growing dim. Arthimus only appears to come back to life when the man finishes his story. “That was a nice story! I should tell it to my daughter. I am sure she would adore it. Always fond of the spooky stories, that one.”


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Sid'nee grinned to Arcturus as she gently stroked Steve's white fur, which seemed to make the mouse relax enough to just fall asleep in her hand. Before she could respond, he started to sing. It was well sung, but a truly haunting song. Sid'nee gently pet Steve throughout. The illusions that accompanied the song were their own form of entertainment. Sid'nee wondered if there would be more singing such as that in the future.

Sid'nee was about to snarkily point out that there were usually dozens if not hundreds of spiders in a small dwelling let alone an inn but then she stopped. It had taken her a good few moments to even notice the one spider web. Even if Dimitri were scrupulously clean, there would be more evidence of spiders than just a single web. 'Maybe this isn't like other places' thought Sid'nee, 'Maybe spiders are rare'

"Maybe someday she'll come back, with a family," grinned Sid'nee though the grin soon faded as Dimitri explained the problem with the shadows.

Turning to Arthimus, Sid'nee smiled, "Naqshar's fine up there with the comb thanks," said Sid'nee with a smile, "One of the advantages of my - way of life - is that I can talk to animals pretty easily." smirked Sid'nee as she gently lowered the sleeping Steve into the pouch he'd come from. Turning back to Dimitri, Sid'nee smiled, "So, attic space, easy enough to get to? Not locked or anything?"


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Rummaging around in his pockets for a moment, Dimitri pulls out an old looking key. "It won't be locked after you use this. You'll find the hatch for it at the end of the second floor. You might need a boost to put the key in, but the hatch will create a ladder that you can use to get up to the attic." He slides the key across the bar towards Sid'nee. A few bar patrons leave the Inn or walk upstairs, and Dimitri nods to them as the go. "I'll give you guys the attic for free, since I don't really use it for much. I would appreciate it if you helped me out with odd jobs when I need you though."


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Sid'nee grinned as she picked up the key. As far as she was concerned they were getting a sweet deal. Free room for the occasional odd job. It meant lodgings were taken care of. 'Plus, if the shadows don't like people out of settlements at night, there's a good chance most of Dimitri's favours'll be around Lond,' thought Sid'nee to herself, dropping the key in one pouch she knew it'd be safe within - right next to the sleeping Steve who seemed to sense the foreign item in his pouch and in his sleep clung to it. 'Safe and sound with Steve.' thought Sid'nee with a smile.

Sid'nee looked to the others, "Cheers mate," she said to Dimitri, "Well, guess we'd better get to know each other better." grinned Sid'nee to the others.


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The party eventually decides to go check up on the attic. They walk up the stairs to the left of the bar, and pass the doors to multiple rooms on their way to the end of the second floor. You hear only the sound of your own footsteps as you walk, and the thought occurs to you if the attic is truly the only space available, or if everyone is just this quiet in their rooms. The locked hatch to the attic can be found at the end of the hall, and after someone gives Sid'nee a quick boost, the key can be slotted into the lock. After a small tug, the hatch comes falling open, and a ladder comes with it.

When the party climbs up, they can see a very dark and dusty room. There are two square windows at both ends, and one of them is busted in like Dimitri said. The room appears to be very well furnished though. There is a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table sat between them, a chest, and three beds at the far side of the room. There is also a coat hanger with three black cloaks hanging on it, situated near the sofa and armchair. There is a little bit of snow buildup near the window, and the temperature of the room is pretty cold compared to the rest of the Inn.


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Zarra sits stone-faced when, having asked a few of her newfound companions, one refuses to answer and the other erupts into song. She finishes her drinks in silence, and then heads to the attic with everyone else. She mutters and curses under her breath as the chill from the open window wraps itself around her.

"Ugh. Not much chance of a decent fucking sleep in here," she says, moving to the table, hoping it might block the wind a bit. "Sorry little brother, no fighting today."

But as she lays a hand on the table, the spear's magic buzzes in her brain. The table itself sprouts teeth and clamps down on her arm. "On second thought..." A snarling semi-human black face with an elongated snout sprouting long white hair comes into sight floating above her head, while long, transluscent black arms with thick, stringy muscles and slashing claws appear around her own.

She leaps back, out of the table's grasp and strikes at it, before being wrapped up by another piece of sentient furniture.

"What in the fuck is happening?!" She doesn't bother to try to escape from the next piece of furniture, wanting to end it instead. Where the claws pass through, slashes of light are left behind. The very wind seems to cut at her as it passes through, but they are all too happy to lash at out at the air itself. She feels his warmth in her heart as they rage together.

Finally the flurry of fighting ceases, but her brother's ghostly image stays, floating over her shoulder.

"I'm about to go give that innkeep a piece of my mind!"


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Taking creeping steps behind the rest of the party. Drone is quietly keeping to himself. Following the rest into the attic, a familiar sensations is felt through the shield. A disturbance, before he could think any more, the tables comes alive. A moment of thinking comes about before remembering back to his past war times. A mimic he is sure off.

Sensing more movement in the room and more hostile foes, he unleashes a wall of fire in front of the group, watching as a group of mimic run through. He considers holding the wall before he sees the flyers come through the fire wall as well. With everything on one side of the wall now, he decides to collapse the wall. Whilst the wall is dying down, he notes that Sid'nee wasn't look too good while most of the other seem fine.

Deciding to try something he hasn't done before, mainly due to the fact he most of his magic powers after he was abandoned, he decides to move over to Sid'nee can cast Polymorph, picturing a giant ape like the one he saw in some dense forest after having to find a new place to live. He whispers a soft whisper, not sure of Sid'nee even hears, "Trust"

However it seems this action caught the attention of a mimic, biting down on Drone. As a reaction Drone decides to cast his very familiar spell primal Savagery, though the mimic was strike down before he could complete the spell so he redirects it at the spider.

A moment later, the sounds of fighting die down. Drone, emitting a small sigh mutters out-load "First battle with party, they seem trust-worthy."

The sound of creaking floorboards catches his attention. Drawing his eyes over to the giant ape still in the room. He considers deactivating the polymorph, "Not necessary, personality should't have changed."
Taking a look at the cracked floorboards, he mutters again. "Inn keeper tried to kill us. Flyers are still alive. Inn keeper is foe."


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Climbing the ladder, Sid'nee took a moment to look around at the large attic space. Even with its busted window letting in the cold, it was a large amount of space and it sounded as if it were theirs so long as they remained on friendly terms with the innkeep. Noticing the sudden bite that Zarra received, Sid'nee moved forward, the floorboards creaking under her footsteps a little.

Before she could say anything, even try to help by firing a blast of searing energy across the room, a large shape landed on top of her, slamming her against the floorboards and taking a bite out of the back of her neck.

At first, Sid'nee thought the creature was a spider that was just terrified and reacting instinctively. She was about to use her ability to talk to animals to try to calm it down when she noticed something. It had over ten legs. Whatever it was, chances it would be friendly were nil.

Squirming a little, Sid'nee forced her hands beside her with the palms facing upward, a desperate strategy in her mind. Firing her Eldritch Blasts into the creature from below, the force of the blast sent the creature upward into the rafters as if a rocket were lit under it. Though its steel like grip stayed on Sid'nee who didn't mind the going up part as much as she realised what was about to happen as she went up. The monster landed on top of her, crushing her a little.

Feeling a little woozy, Sid'nee looked up as Drone whispered to her, before feeling a strange tingling all over her body. It wasn't unknown, she'd used a similar spell herself plenty of times, but it was strange to be feeling the spell and having no control over it. Her form shifting into a large orange furred creature, the floorboards beneath her groaned with the sudden weight. Forcing her arms around her, Sid'nee flexed them both outward, the creature losing its grip on her and letting go. Standing up off the floor, Sid'nee gave a sudden screechy call before she turned around and ran at the monster, attempting to ram it into the wall or preferably out a window. The monster dug its legs into the wood, making a loud screeching noise before the pair stopped. A few attacks from her friends though and the creature was soon down.

Sid'nee looked around at the others, gently working her larger hand up to her head. Feeling around gently, Sid'nee realised her new friend Naqshar was still beside her ear, having ridden on her head and Steve was wherever her belt of pouches had got to. Looking to the others, Sid'nee realised she couldn't very well understand them and had to go off body language alone. Looking to the others, Sid'nee wondered what their next move would be.


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Arthimus is considering how to condense an entire day fully of stories down into twenty-five words as they approach the attic. His steps are noisy as he follows the others up the stairs, nuts and bolts rattling around in his legs as he ascends. He is about to offer Zara to help her push when chaos breaks out.

”Careful now!” Arthimus urges. He draws the greatsword out of his chipped-away chest again, holding it out with the ease of somebody familiar with a weapon.

But the wind slams into him before he can move, and Arthimus is pretty sure something important rattles loose. From the corner of his vision he spots Sid’nee in trouble with some creature, but before he can do something about that a wall of fire roars up in front of him. Arthimus takes a step back out of instinct, aware that he is held together by metal and wood.

Daggers start flying around the room, people with more arms than strictly ordinary start punching. Arthimus turns his gaze to a chest that looks like it could use a lesson. His gemstone eyes flare up with color. “TARGET: ACQUIRED.”

He brings his greatsword down; the chest turns into a formless blob. Heat sears through him, which Arthimus hopes means that his body is repairing itself. Then he strikes another object, though it has less power behind it as he gets bludgeoned by the wind again.

He is about to make a point of making the others aware of this wind when Sid’nee suddenly rapidly changes into a giant ape. The warforged is...not overly sure what to do about this, and creaking of the floorboards don’t reassure him.

He decides it’s better not to focus on these things. Instead he directs his gaze to the spider, eyes glowing fiercely again. “TARGET: ACQUIRED.” His first strike misses, but his second hits home.

He gets hit by this awful wind again. “I’ve had it with this wind!” he says at high volume, before he strikes the air several times. “You have been a very annoying pestering wind, and I have had it with you!”

At last it dies down, and Arthimus nods to himself, satisfied that he has tamed an element. His jaw rattles a little as he does so. The warforged turns to the others. “The barkeep tried to kill us, you say? Why, I did not see him among all this havoc. What a sneaky bastard!“ He demonstratively raises his fist to shake it, meant to be somewhat threateningly.


So even the furniture and the wind in this place were hostile? Arcturus grinned even as he took a hit. With one swift movement he rolled out his bandolier.

“Let’s dance.”

Ten silvered daggers flew out of the pocketed belt. They descended upon the living furniture like an very angry swarm of bees. In between their stabbings, Arcturus interjected with his own rapier. The blade exploded with radiant power as he moved gracefully around the enemies. As the last of the furniture died, the bard ducked down and lunged towards a spider creature, finishing it off. His daggers then tried to dive into the wind. Somehow Arcturus could tell that they weren’t doing as much as he wanted to.

But it was enough. Finally calm returned to the room. Arcturus opened his bandolier, letting the daggers fly back into it. He eyed the drow-turned-giant ape for a moment -that was one sturdy floor they were standing on- and turned to the rest of the group.

“Well that was fun! Let’s go talk to that innkeeper then. I am certain his explanation of this should be very interesting.


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Renault’s form clanked up to the attic in his heavy armor and looked around, he was about to speak when suddenly the table came alive and he launched into a defensive stance. He crushed his battleaxe into the table, goading it into attacking him and keeping its focus on him “By moradin’s beard, this is a strange beastie indeed” the beast was quickly felled though as he moved further into the room, hits clanking off of his armor he locked eyes with a spider which had descended from the darkness and attempted to decapitate the beast, narrowly missing hi strike mark but still striking deep. Finally though the presence of a more insidious foe had made itself known, the wind itself was Attacking them, and he would have none of it. He wildly slashed into the air, seeming to face resistance, he knew he connected with something as the presence dissipated.

“That...that was something else” Renault exhaled and cracked his neck “definitely a fun time though”

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