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Dice Lore: Out of the Abyss



Maybe you remember putting up a fight before being captured. Maybe you remember running, and being hunted down like a wild animal. Maybe you don't remember anything--drow poison has a way of messing with your short-term memory. Either way, you wake up in shackles on the floor of a stone cavern, stripped of your weapons and armor and surrounded by a dozen others in the same situation.

Welcome to Velkynvelve.

When you came to, you found yourself in a cavern with a low ceiling, the entrance to which is barred with a heavy iron gate. Beyond the gate, there's only a narrow ledge that quickly drops off into a much larger and deeper cave. A massive, multi-story stalactite hangs across from the gate. It's been carved into a guard tower, with windows and doors, and there are always at least three guards on watch.

Every day, after an insubstantial meal of mushroom soup, you and your fellow prisoners are hauled out of the cell and forced to perform labor for the drow--emptying chamberpots, washing linens, filling and hauling water barrels, and so on. You realize that Velkynvelve is a small outpost, consisting only of four stalactite-towers and a couple of caves. The chatter that Darko ( D. Rex D. Rex ) overhears makes it clear that you and your fellow prisoners will soon be transported to a major city to be sold into further slavery.

The drow are quick to retaliate if you step out of line or attempt to escape, especially the commander of the outpost, Priestess Mizzrym, or her attendants. The rank-and-file soldiers are less attentive...which is how you've all managed to scavenge potential weapons.

Mapping Velkynvelve
Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 9.42.32 AM.png

1. Southern entrance to Velkynvelve. There are two guards on watch at all times.

2. Enlisted soldier's barracks. You're not allowed inside, but come to the door to collect laundry.

3. Main hall. This is where the drow eat, drink and spend their limited free time. You've all been taken here to haul water, stoke fires and wash dishes. There is a quaggoth cook who works here; unlike you, they appear to be paid for their services.

4. Officer's baracks. You're not allowed inside, but come to the door to collect laundry.

5. The Lift. On the edge of the barracks is a large basket attached to a rope-and-pulley system. It is used to haul people up from the cavern below to the barracks. Beorin ( Sherwood Sherwood ) is often called upon to operate the lift, along with quaggoth servants. For some of you, this is thrilling new technology, but anyone from a major city isn't impressed.

6-8. This tower holds the quarters of Priestess Mizzrym and her assistant/lover, Shoor. You're not allowed inside.

9. Waterfall. You're taken here to gather water and do laundry for the drow. The water is cold and good to drink, and falls about forty feet into what looks like a deep pool below.

10. Guard tower. Three guards are on duty at all times, watching you and the other prisoners to make sure that you don't escape.

11. Slave pen. You are trapped here when not working for the drow. The gates are always locked.

12. Quaggoth den. The roughly one dozen quaggoths who work for the drow sleep here. They do their own chores, so you have no reason to enter.

13. Northern entrance. There are two drow on watch here.
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