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Fantasy °~Lore~° Behind the Mystic Codex

First Rose

First to Bloom, but Last to Blossum
History of Dawnhaven

The Land of Dawnhaven used to be a place filled with beings of all sorts, magic users of various kinds, and adventures around every corner. Great beast, monsters, and animals walked the terrains with freedom and peace. The magic of the Earth was seen as a honored tool and religion to those who used it. Though even those who didn't still respected it's existence. Explorer's and adventurer's were always finding new things, from floating sky's to bottomless pits. The possibilities were endless in the land of Dawnhaven.

The terrains were free to roam, and just as free to take; it was too easy in fact. When a powerful mage by the name of Bryther Finwick asserts her power conquering land after land, he starts to diminish everything Dawnhaven used to be. Powerful witches were slaughtered, masters of elements were executed, even alchemist were seen as dangers and mostly enslaved, and then there were the people, who were convinced to think that a perfect vision of a new Dawnhavn would soon arise, or, too afraid to fight back.

Now a current dictator, mastermind, and powerful warlock, Finwick rules with an ironfist and makes sure his people know where they stand, either with him, or dead. Only the top generals in the army, and the members of the Brother Council get to hold at least 2/3rds of the kind of power Bryther has.

Schools no longer teach magic, to lower the amounts of magic users in the land, and the constant violence of law enforcement have scared the civilians of Dawnhaven into sumbmission, no one is even allowed to leave the continent without a say so from Finwick himself. No longer are people allowed their religious festivals to celebrate their strength and faith in magic. No longer are there the Great Beast and animals available to see in their natural homes, as most are hunted down to near extinction. Anyone seen using magic without a lisense or worthy reason of doing so is arrested, or hunted down. Many young mages have been trying to bring back the world they once knew, but very few even get close to putting a dent in Finwick's reign. Rebellion and organization do exist, though they are small in numbers and usually do not last very long.
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