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Lords and Legions | Medieval World Discord RP - NO LONGER ALIVE

Lords and Legions

War… Since the dawn of time, man has torn themselves apart by war. Nations crumbled, monarchies toppled, and bodies littered the streets of all lands. This barbaric lifestyle leads to an age of suffering for all who live and breathe. Eventually, four ancient leaders decided they needed a change. So in the Land’s darkest hour King Soledad of the Libetalius Court, Jarl Bjorn of the Thorbjorn tribe, Emperor-Elect Aculeses of the Plandius Republic, and Shogun Shiro Ken of the Joto tribe came up with a truce that lasted for decades. With this, the end of an age of oppression. That is until everything crumbles to dust as the invader legion of the northern steppe came and went. But with the retreat of the Invaders, the mistrust of each of the leaders become more potent after a mysterious call to arms that lead to the death of loved ones of each of the leaders. A duel between all of the leaders in the center of Tronomir was initiated as a way to solve this dispute once and for all. As a result, only one the leaders managed to survive. But the survivor was left a mystery as the next generation of Monarch “wanna be’s” battled each other under the title of the fallen kings.

And with that, the world folded on itself again and the truce was no more. Now leaders rise out of the ashes facing the question of war once more. More imposters rise alongside attempting to revive their ancestor's culture and titles. In this tumultuous time will you face war? Or will you be the diplomat the world needs?

The Legate and I have been working on this roleplay for a while. In RP is a mix between a nation based RP and character based RP. You will play a character; be it a glorious king, a humble peddler, a sly Duke, a brave hero of a Warband, or a perhaps a guild leader pulling the strings of a republic. The interaction between players may be on the scale of wars between kingdoms to simply just a peddler exchanging goods. The importance of the conflict can vary but will be driven mostly by the players. If we see it fit we may introduce other stories for characters to partake in.

We do have some expectations for the RP however. Here is a general list of what they are:
  • We do expect consent between the parties for as to the outcome of any fighting.
  • Character death is a thing that may happen has medicine is generally not as advanced as it would be. If this occurs, create a logical new character whether that be someone similar or a new character entirely.
  • We expect no fantasy elements such as magic. You may play as fictional cultures and ethnicities, they must be human in every way however.
  • We expect players to be able to formulate a lot of their own personal goals and interactions. We will do some plots hopefully that are more grander for people to join, but we want this to be player driven.
  • We do not want any powergamers or people trying to be the most powerful for OOC reasons. Even then there is a point when conquest becomes unreasonable.
  • We also want you to know that player actions will impact the world. Pillaging farms in a wheat rich region will lower food supply, trading weapons to a local town will grant the kingdom supplies. This is common sense but we hope to make it more obvious in the RP.
  • Like in history, kings will be elected by nobles together. There can be more than one king, but there is a limit to how many kings can be in the 2 continents at once for the purpose of limiting the craziness of everyone being royalty. You don’t need to follow or serve under a king, but there will be benefits given as decided by the king for those who serve him.
  • This RP will be on Discord so this will be required to play.
  • We will have a GM curated Map for the players.
We are really excited for this RP so we hope the overall concept and dream can be a reality you partake in.

For those interested post here and when the RP is set in stone, we will send out invites. this rp is dead so please stop asking about it.
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