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Nation Building Lordling (undeath and feudalism)

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(One or multiple paragraphs, it can depend on the post. My universe is more fleshed-out than is described below, but most of the lore is on a need-to-know basis unless you geniunely want to read a bunch of stuff [I have a wikia]. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm fine with male or female characters of any orientation, though you should keep in mind that this is a prejudiced setting. Romance can occur, but keep in mind that my main job is to be a GM.)


Low/dark medieval fantasy setting. I'm looking for a partner who enjoys stuff like feudalism (Mount & Blade, CK2, Game of Thrones, shit like that, or just medieval history). The roleplay involves a few complicated aspects like land tenure, hierarchies, and medieval military organization (for example, managing vassals, retainers, levies, stuff like that). Magic exists, but is very specific and uncommon in this era.

The roleplay would involve some command elements, but you would also control a character (male or female). Specifically, you play as a minor lordling in the Kingdom of Carmondy. Recently, there have been some strange happenings... a curse of undeath has tainted the land, and dark forces (speculated to be necromancers) have claimed the capital. However, this has left a power vacuum in the rural shire you inhabit. Now could be the time for you to rise beyond a mere lordling.

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Sounds really cool, hopefully you can get some momentum for this grand project! Interested for sure!


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Could there be a possibility of this concept moving to a/also running in a group setting?
It can occur if you want to have joint management with someone.

Otherwise, your fief will start somewhere on the map away from other peoples' areas, and you can interact eventually.

It'll be 1x1 at first so people that quit early can be voided easily.


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Hey guys, I'm working on the thread format right now. I won't be able to do an RP for everyone, though you'll be informed if someone else leaves and a spot opens up.

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