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Fandom Lord Of the rings/ shadow of war

That Weird girl

Reach Out to the Truth
Sauron’s army are growing ever so fast in the land shared by Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Hobbits. The ranks of the Nazigul are spreading all over Middle Earth looking to bring the races to its knees and finally conquer Middle Earth once and for all. Any that shall resist the dark lord will be killed by the ruthless Uruk captains that were molded by war and torture to become sick twisted killing machines. The thing right now that they are after is an artifact that the Gondorians have ahold of in their capital of Minas Anor. The artifact holds unseen power that could turn the war effort into the favor of Sauron.

The Elves had actually lent aid to the Gondorians in fear of Sauron getting his hands on the artifact. Of course they didn’t really like the idea of men guarding it but there is nothing they can do about it since it’s already there. Dwarves have decided to aid them as well and supplied metal for their swords and arrows.

The Uruks have brought many weapons with them on their assault on Minas Anor. Mounted Graugs that can fire down a big crossbow bolt covered in fire.

The fate of the battle is up to your character's and what they decide to do…

1. This isn’t DND so do not roll to attack or anything. But you can use DND characters.

2. Be patient with me since it seems whenever I’m busy stuff happens a lot. I don’t always get a chance to post for Aragorn or some canon.

3. Canon characters are allowed but original characters are also allowed. I prefer canon but that’s me.

4. Magic is also allowed as long as you follow the Toiken system. I also will allow your character to be a hybrid of different classes.

5. Discord is an option for communication which I will likely use to keep track of everything.

6. I am not the best at LOR lore but we have the internet to help us don’t we?

7. Please tell me if you have an idea I don’t bite.

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