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Roleplay Type(s)
Jewelry and/or Tattoos:
Appearance (Face Claim)*:
Worst Fears:
Relationship Status (Open/Straight/etc):
Other info:

*Face Claim can be any style just as long as it's easy to see
** Middle Earth Ages are approximately 12 years ahead of normal years. (For example: I heard that Pippin's age of 28 is technically 16)
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Name: Luna Nixon
nicknames: Moon, Pinto, Mouse
Height: 3’4”
Species: Hobbit
Jewelry and/or Tattoos: Golden locket with her parent’s pictures in it
Accessories: Father’s pocket watch,
Personality: She’s a teenager, she’s going to argue and rebel, but she’s kind and doesn’t always like playing hero. However, if someone needs it, she will protect them with her life.
Likes: Writing, sketching, painting, and singing
Dislikes: Conflict, being yelled at for no reason, people that think they’re better than everyone else, and her voice not being heard.
Family: Wendy Nixon (Mother, died in childbirth), Peter Nixon (Father, killed in battle)
Siblings: Kitt Nixon (Sister, died 2 hours after birth)
Middle Earth Age: 29
Normal Age: 17
Gender: Female
The Hobbit Cast Swaps Genders in All-Female Photoshoot

Powers/abilities: Can control minds but has to have physical contact with the other person or animal and hand to hand combat.
Weapons: Sword like in picture and a few throwing knives.
Weaknesses: Sort of clumsy
Worst Fears: The dark, spiders, falling, heights, falling in love
Relationship Status (Open/Straight/etc): Straight/Open
Backstory: Her father taught her to fight and protect herself if anything were to happen to him. Then he died. She couldn’t protect him. Her mother had died when she was 7 years old from the birth of her little sister. She always thought she had killed the infant by holding it too tight, but she never did. The baby was just too small to survive. Now she is living without anyone to care for her. She doesn’t really need anyone. But she needs a friend, for her own emotional state.
Other info: She sometimes has a hard time breathing, like asthma but it’s more like a panic condition. She doesn’t exactly like being called short but she jokes around with others too. (Will be updated if I can think of anything else).

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