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Fantasy Lord Marionette and the strings of fate and destiny

Neon Chilli

A Shaggy main
Before time, before anything, there was nothing. Before there was nothing, there was Monsters...36fde75f4f02a8f287f6a53279c5235f.jpg
Most believe that evil was born in the age of monsters. But darkness is found everywhere and evil can flourish in any place.
In the time man came to rule the world, Earth was magically charged, however with humanity so vast in number the power was spread out equally amongst all life. Ultimately it was like no magic was present at all, Only those with the ambition to train and study ever had the chance of harnessing magic.
Not that many had the time to try...
It was in the golden age of technology when the world was destroyed in war.

Most annihilated or mutated by the bombs, only pockets of civilization survive the fallout and coming dangers...
As humans hid and waited, the world was taken from them. Cut up and divided between what survived and grew after the war, mutants monsters and races in between...

Your character is a descendant of humanity from a age long past, they emerge into a world that's changed by magic and radiation. As a human with minimal or no mutations in your DNA they are prime candidates to potentially learn magic and become some heroes or cruel rulers of those living on the surface.

Mutant/magic races range drastically from one another like
Zombie sludge beings that are basically mindless monsters,
Living elementals fire, water, air, dirt etc
Evolved animals to be more bipedal/ sentient,
More wacky shit depending on the crowd that gathers if any.

Full disclosure this world is loosely based on Adventure time but I can cut out interdimensial aliens, living food people, the general random and dumbass vibe of that world... have this be a more serious apocalypse fantasy world.

Magic in this world being something one mutates into doing naturally or learning how to perform via training or ritual.
Humans in general have a heap of magical energy/potential thanks to the population of them being so low at the time of the story.
Emerging humans can become/learn how to do all sorts of shit if they can find out who or where has what they are after.
Learn ice magic from a book or by eating something with frost powers,
Control shadows by completing dark rituals or eating something with shadow powers,
You'd be surprised how much magic is acquired by eating enough of something...

As the title suggests there is a powerful force existing in this world and should the story go on enough your character would interact with this almighty being.
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