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Fandom Looking to double up for Naruto canon x OC stuff!


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Hello! I'm 23 and an experienced RPer looking for an additional partner or two. At the moment, I'm mostly interested in Naruto based threads.

A bit about me and how I RP:
  • I'm from Canada (MST) and have been RPing since I was 11 or so
  • I really really love writing and especially love writing and buildings stories with other people, it's my number one hobby
  • I'm really looking for long-term partners!
  • I enjoy creating detailed characters, worlds, lots of side characters and creating a ton of headcanons
  • I loooooove making friends with RP partners and talking OOC, but, no pressure!
  • I tend to write a lot, I can do up to 600 words per side consistently, more if called for, but I can also do shorter replies of around a couple paragraphs! I am flexible in this sense and will adapt to my partner's preference for detail and length. I don't have any length requirement beyond "no one liners"!
  • I truly love doubling, and I absolutely love OCs-- you can rest assured that I will be very invested in your OC and their ship
What I'm looking for, in more detail:
  • Although I'm primarily interested in doing OC x canon stuff, I'd be happy to do canon x canon or OC x OC for your side, whichever you prefer!
  • I'm a big fan of romance and just about every trope in the book, so I tend to enjoy working those into plotlines -- I love a good slowburn enemies to lovers
  • Overall, I do prefer romance to be the centerpoint, but I like it to be mixed in with development of relationships to side characters like friends or family, as well as plot development and other genres like adventure
  • I have a couple of well-developed OCs who I love and will probably want to use
  • I accept both detailed, planned OCs as well as vague concepts that you want to develop through a RP-- absolutely anything goes, go wild
  • I prefer to have RPs set vaguely within the canon universe, but I don't care about following the proper plot or timeline whatsoever-- AUs are also cool however, so if you have any ideas for one, I'm all ears!
  • I'm willing to RP any character for you-- I'm looking for Deidara, Sasori, Gaara and maybe a few others myself!
  • I prefer to write characters as adults, I just find it more comfortable
  • I have a decent amount of free time at work so I tend to be active and like to reply daily or every few days. In general, I can't really maintain interest if replies regularly take weeks, for example, so I'd prefer partners who lean more towards being active. That being said, I'm not going to lose interest if you need to take a break for a couple of weeks or come upon a busy time.
That's all I can think of, please DM me if you're interested and we can chat!
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