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Hello hello! Please call me Mint, and after a super long break I'm back and in the mood to do a roleplay or two. I'm not good at talking about myself, so I'll only tell you the most important things. I'm a minor in highschool, don't have discord, prefer third person roleplays and I don't mind how much you write, as long as it's more then 'he smiled'. When it comes to characters, anything goes but I do ask that you don't make 'soft bby' ocs whose only personality trait it being nice. It's just hard to have a good roleplay if I have to play the protector all the time :/ I also normally use animated faceclaims, so theres that. All my ideas for things I wanna roleplay are sorta half-baked, so let's toss all these ideas into a mold and make something fun! My ideas are as follows

- Two sea creatures; one looks scary and one looks like any other one. I was thinking that they were both friends as kids and got separated or something. I thought it'd be funny if the scary looking one is actually a gentle giant and the other ones like a vicious creature would would bite someone the second someone insults the other one. As you can see, I don't actually have a set plot, just a super cute dynamic I really wanna try out. Also, I'd prefer to be the not scary looking one.

- Two roommates. One guy has a kid from a previous bad relationship, and the other is his best friend. Neither of them know how to raise children, but boy are they gonna try. So their doing the parenting thing; and the roleplays just full of..b e b e. In this, I'd prefer to be the friend

- You know how everyones got a guardian angel? Well surprise, this persons got a guardian demon, and one they can see! Imagine how chaotic it'd be. Like your struggling to pass and he'd just like 'hypnotize your teacher into giving you perfect grades' and if you're bored he's suggesting the two of you break the law. Like, c h a o t i c n e s s. I'd like to be the guardian demon

- Ok so your character is dating my characters sister. The relationship isn't vv good, with the girl getting mad over almost everything and wanting to be brought super expensive things. One day your character comes to visit and meets her brother. From his girlfriend he's only heard really bad things about how awful her brother is but when they actually talk...the brothers actually super chill? And haha oops -feelings have entered the chat- and I though that'd be fun-

- Ok so your character has alot of money. Maybe they just work a good job, who knows. But in life, they've wanted nothing more then a nice relationship and someone to be happy with. But that's hard bc people only see them for their money. Then they meet this one guy..somehow. But like the guy aka my character just likes them for who they are. I thought it'd be vv wholesome.

- Ok so I had this idea where my character comes from a whole other world, and is in the human one looking for treasure that had apparently been stolen. They meet your character after they pass out on their porch, and i dunno maybe some neato journey thing happens? Adventure? M a g i c

- Super hero high school thingy where people have powers and train; all that jazz. Rather then be a student, my character is like the guy you go to for suit upgrades n' such. I was thinking he has psychic abilities though just doesn't feel like using them. So he just keeps his eyes closed and it's not cause of some tragic backstory or anything, that's how he keeps his power under check. He's kinda flirty too; so there's that. Anyway, make your character whatever ya want, as long as it's just one power and not something crazy op

- Super cool fantasy idea! So your character is like travelling or something, doing something with their life and see a small wounded fox. Taking pity, they nurse it back to health during the night. In the morning their greeted by my oc, a kitsune who like a parasite; latches onto your character and boom; travel friends. And they go on adventures and do lots of fun stuff! It's a very vague idea, but we can make literally anything happen; it's a world of fantasy so g o w i l d

- Ok wattpads ruined me with werewolf stories n' such so I kinda wanna do one, where my character is packless or something and meets your character who is a member of the pack whose territory their intruding on. When I say werewolves, I mean the whole thing. Their wolf is like a separate person from them (hopefully you get what I'm saying) and they don't sleep on the floor, but rather packhouses. I can't explain vv well, sorry-

- Ooh a old favorite. I created this world with like zombie monster/animal things and it's like a zombie outbreak except the world hasn't fallen into total chaos; it's got order to some point. Anyway our two characters are made partners and do missions together. If you're interested in this one, I'll share the information on it since it's alot and I don't wanna ramble here.

- Let's do the classic owner and their pet that's actually a human thing. You know, where the owner comes home and like their dog Mashed Potatoes is actually a person and has been this whole time. Obviously they don't have to be a dog but whatever you want, get creative. Even more creative if it's smth like the owner actually has two pets??? Possibly poly??? Who knows??? But n e ways, I'd like to play the owner.

- A bit of a loose idea. A prince grows up in his castle, and cannot leave to go anywhere without a guard. He's especially forbidden to journey into the woods near his home, though can't understand why. One day he sneaks out and comes across the person who lives in the woods. Perhaps he's some kind of supernatural being, Idk. But I thought'd it be a cool idea.

- So monster apocalypse thing (or zombie,up to you) and the idea is like your character had been surviving and all and at some point,they come across my character whose been sent to Earth to rid the world of the zombies/monsters.

- Your character takes a fox home and takes care of it. When he names it, he accidentally starts a contract with a kitsune aka my character. Maybe then their lives just turn to trouble. We can toss in supernatural hunters to add some spice, whatever you want.

- When I was looking through google, I found some oc pictures that sparked ideas in me. Gonna put them

when I look at him, I get science experiment vibes. Perhaps your character is the one whose created him, or is a officer in the force that comes to invade the lab and happens upon him. The picture has him with five arms but I thought the fifth looked a little strange, so I'm bouncing between either four or six arms.

some sort of minor god or deity who seemingly never ages. I don't know what I want his powers to be, or if I even want him to have any. But rest assured that he won't be op, just a cocky little bastard. I was thinking something along the lines of him finding your oc when they get lost in the woods as a kid, and he helps them find their way out; but no one believes their stories of a man with exotic clothes and glowing eyes helping them. Maybe when your oc grows up, they meet him again. Maybe at a festival/ huge party; or they go into the woods again. I don't know what I want to happen afterwards, so your guess is as good as mine. For this roleplay, if you want, we can start when your oc is a child, and mines just finds them.

a man who possess the power to turn into a huge lion has been chosen as your characters familiar. I had quite a few ideas for this. Maybe this is a world where magic exists and your character is a person going to some sort of magic academy where they learn to control their powers and command their familiars. In this scenario I was thinking that in most their magic using classes, your character tends to be unable to properly use magic, and everyone believes that their weak and will never summon a powerful familiar; if at all. But then they summon my character; and everyones thoughts change. Another idea was that because your character rules over a military force with humans at war with mythical creatures that want to demolish their race. In this world humans don't have magic, just better weapons/technology. Nothing too crazy though. I don't have a idea much further then that; though we can fill the rp with battles, maybe getting captured by the opposing side? Them just training? Maybe softer moments when they aren't and their just chilling? The last idea is a bit like the second one; where our characters are powerful. However even despite summoning such a powerful familiar, your character wants nothing more to do then to live a comfortable and happy life. Though when its found out that they have a powerful summon, the government kinda forces them to start working with them; or like.. d i e

Ok, once again I have many ideas. The first is that our characters live normal lives in a modern world where fantasy things are only in video games or shows. One day, their both transported to a fantasy world, declared to be the fated summoned heroes that will save their world. Maybe theres some kinda evil beings or like a huge dragon; we can figure that out. But anyways, our characters are thrown into a world of fantasy. My character will be similar to thieves/rouges in video games, with quick and sneaky attacks. He'll also possess some level of magic that's mainly for tricks like having vines wrap around a enemies foot and immobilize them. Your character can be any kind you want, as long as they aren't god tier/super op. The idea was that our characters were either friends or eneimes, and were just kinda thrown into this world and now they've gotta work together
so feel free to look through them!

I'm also willing to do a fandom roleplay. Oc x oc only. Fandoms I'm willing to do are bungo stray dogs, jujutsu kaisen, warrior cats, demon slayer, and bnha/mha

Ok ok! If I get more ideas, I'll write em down. But as of now, these are the ideas/plots/roleplays I'm most interested in. If any catch your eye, please dm me! Don't reply here, since I'm gonna be bumping it up daily and would hate to ruin someones notifications. So dm me and we can chat!
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~ Only available on Saturday's ~
I love the whole stolen treasure Idea. I also love Dragon x Knight stories. Would you care to do one?


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I love the whole stolen treasure Idea. I also love Dragon x Knight stories. Would you care to do one?
Hi. I do not have a dragon x knight pairing written in my post, and am only interested in the things listed. If you wish to roleplay, then please dm me as mentioned in the starting post.


~ Only available on Saturday's ~
Hi. I do not have a dragon x knight pairing written in my post, and am only interested in the things listed. If you wish to roleplay, then please dm me as mentioned in the starting post.
Alrighty Owner x Pet or the Kitsune idea are really cool.

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