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Fandom Looking for Yakuza Series (Completed all Main Games)

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Action, LGTBQ Friendly


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Hi! So I've been on here a while and I sadly haven't been able to find many people looking for anything in the Yakuza series, so I thought to make my own post. I'm Darcy, 21+ and I've been roleplaying for over 10 years now. Normally I would make my threads a bit longer, but since this is just for one craving, I'm gonna get right down to it.

Small expectations:

Please be 18+ and preferably 21+ but I won't be too picky there.
Understand that I work a full time job and also have other activities going on outside of roleplay. I'll always keep my partners posted if I'll not be replying for extended times. That being said, expect at least 2-3 replies per week. There are times I might reply multiple times in a day, even, but other times might be less. Please understand this.
I love to chat OOC and plot ahead! I want to make friends with my partners as well, so feel free to chat with me!
I'm not too picky about length. Please just give me something to work with. No one liners. Beyond that, just have fun!

Now for this roleplay, I'm hoping to find someone willing to do OC/Canon. I, of course, am more than happy to double. I love it, even. When doubling I'm more than happy to also do OC/Canon, or even Canon/Canon. I have my ships from the series of course lol. As for characters, there's such a wide cast and I'd love to try my hand at playing and playing against so many. Currenlty my favorites to play against include Daigo, Ryuji, Shinada, Nishitani, and Majima. I also in turn adore playing Majima, Saejima, Kiryu, Nishitani, and many others. Basically I'm open to just about anything--this has just been a huge craving of mine for a while! So, if you have any desire for a Yakuza roleplay, don't hesitate to send me a message!

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