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Fantasy Looking for Story tellers!

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Positive Mental Attitude

I'll just cut to the chase; I'm looking for someone to build a huge story with. Lately, I've really been wanting to stretch my writing skills, so for this, I'm looking for a Casual to advanced RPer to RP with! Meaning, I want a MINIMUM of 3-4 paragraphs. I want someone who will play more than one character. As will I! I'll admit, I haven't been the most equal when it comes to character balances--I've played one character while my partner has played multiple, and that is something I'm trying to fix.

SO! Let's go into the rules! Always fun, I know, but this is something I feel is important.

* My Partner MUST be 18+. I'm currently 22! I'd just feel better if my partner is around my age for this particular RP interest check.

* CO-WRITING: Again, depending on the story, I've had my fair share of just going along with whatever my partner had in mind and contributing almost nothing to the story, and that is something I do also want to fix. So, with whatever plot my partner and I come up with, I want it to be a team effort! If you have a great idea and want to put it into our story, do it! Unsure? Ask me, and we can work on it together! Hit me with something unexpected, have me think on my feet on what to do next! Let's make this something we're both proud of!

* Characters: As stated in the opening, I'm looking for someone who's willing to do multiple characters along side my multiple characters. For comfort purposes, My main character will be a female. It's just more natural for me to write them, but as I said, I'm going to have a lot of characters anyways so it shouldn't be too big of a problem. Just make sure that the characters you write are believable! No Mary-sues or gary-stues or whatever you kids call them these days.

* Ghosting: I'm guilty of this myself, however I'm in the process of learning when to tell people I'm no longer interested. I'd be grateful of you doing the same, though I understand things happen and it might be scary to do so. If you suddenly drop the RP, or I haven't heard from you in a while, I am going to ask if you are still interested, so you won't have to just tell me you aren't. A simple, "Yes I am" or "No I am not" will be all you have to say if I ask. Even so, I might still message you just so we can remain friends! I love friends!

* Patience: I ask for patience. I work a part-time job and am currently looking to get back into college, so my time is spent either working or browsing scholarships and potential schools! I may not have the energy to reply all the time, but I can promise I'll reply at least once a week. If you haven't heard from me afterwards, just poke me and ask whats up! Chances are I have a response I just haven't been able to post! I'll let you know in advance if I'm going to be unable to respond for a longer period of time, and I'd appreciate the same!

And Just as an FYI, the RPs will be done over PMS ONLY. I don't do discord, and I don't do threads. I like my RPs private. That being said, I will allow for plotting over discord, just not RPing.

That's pretty much it for the rules! Now onto the good stuff!


The Royal and the Spymaster

A loveless marriage, a monarch hungry only for power and wealth, the spouse of the cruel King/Queen seeks love and comfort in the arms of the spymaster. A genuine relationship filled with love and admiration for one another brings much bliss, but also much heartache and despair. A plan to run away together can be met with many obstacles and challenges that may face too much for the couple to bear.

This was an RP that I did here on RPN that I really enjoyed, but unforunately got dropped. I felt like I had a good footing on the world when I first did it, and my character was..decent..But ultimately I felt like this was a good RP that was placed in my lap at the wrong time, as I'm more detail oriented when it comes to posts and quality of the posts, and back when I did this one, was when I was posting like, two sentences and MAYBE a paragraph. (It could've gone somewhere amazing if I had the skill I had now) This will include romance, angst, drama, ect, and we can delve further into the plot during our first PM, so we can flesh more things.

The Runaway Royal {{CLOSED}}

Finding their homelife oppresive and finding themselves forced to walk a path they don't wish to, the second in line to the royal throne of a neighboring country flees their life to live as they please, finding their place in the neighboring country as a (Insert job here). There they find the company of a peasant, who forces themselves into their life as an apprentice in order to feed their family. What will happen when they find out their boss is a royal, and is eventually found?

This is the premise of an RP I did on a separate RP site! This one stopped p early on because of some personal issues, but it was such a good premise, I want to see what others here think of it!

Deal with a demon

When a highschool student uses a ouija board to contact a deceased loved one, what they get instead is a demon in their room. The simple way to get rid of it is simple; have the demon complete a deal and the demon can leave. The only issue is that demons are known to be tricksters, and usually someone ends up hurt or worse. Does the highschool student risk the demon hurting others in order to complete a task? Or does the student let them linger around them? What happens when a few months pass and the demon still has not completed a task?

This is another one I did here on RPN that unfortunately got dropped. We got pretty far into it, there was even marriage and kids involved (Which I'm always down for in my RPs!) However I think because of a lack of planning, it ultimately left us with nowhere really to go. So! I want to bring it back and really plot it out and see what we can make it!

A Pirate's Life for Me!

The wide open seas, the smell of salt in the air, and a whole lot of treasure to steal.

What could be better than this?

Life on the sea is an adventure, and a good one at that. With endless possibilities of places to explore, you never know what will happen next. Especially if you and your crew one day discover a piece of an ancient puzzle, that's said to lead to the largest stockpile of gold and jewels the world had ever seen. Enough that you could rest in luxury for the rest of your days (If you so choose). But is this treasure really so grand? Or does it hold a hidden danger that makes your quest seem worthless?

YC can be either the Captain of the pirate crew or the right hand to the captain! While it has a general plot, this story line is going to be more open ended, so we can do ALOT with it if we wanted to explore before getting into the actual plot, or if we wanted to keep going after the main story line is finished!

Saint Gelsey's School of the Arts

Saint Gelsey's School of the Arts is the most influential, prestigous arts school in the country. It houses every type of art imaginable-- Theater arts, animation, sculpting, even welding. Find your place here in this school, and perfect your craft. Climb your way to the top of the charts!

So this one was just a fun idea that I was doing with someone a year ago? No plot, just us having fun with a more mellow concept!

My Family are Vampires?!

Basically, a child has been adopted into a family of vampires, and tries to navigate the vampire culture, while the parents try to navigate the challenges of having a human child.

I'm going to be blunt and say this is a stupid idea, BUT It's from a dream I had recently, and honestly? It could be kinda fun. Now, it says vampires, as that's what my dream was, but it could realistically be any kind of creature. However, my thought on how it'd go is a mythological creature family (humanoid) who doesn't want people to know that they're said creature

The Married Couple's Guide to Love and Murder

The Rothschild's were once a wealthy family, but they edge closer and closer to bankruptcy every moment. The only thing keeping their family afloat for the time being is committing tax fraud, and marrying off their child to a well off enough suitor, who has an estate, and more importantly, money. However when their child figures out about their family's tax fraud, along with a plot by a fellow politician, and supposed family friend, to blackmail their family and push them over that edge, what is a poor young adult to do? Well, murder the politician and forge documents that give his family's fortune over to their family, of course!

Tax fraud and Murder, set in Victorian England! What could be better than this? Well, getting your spouse involved might not be too bad of an idea.

This is one that I'm actually really into! It's part Bonnie and Clyde to an extent, Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, and Dear Evan Hansen (In terms of forging false documents/letters).

I'm sorry...We're What?!

You thought you were just a normal kid. After all, why would you believe anything different? But, something strange is starting to happen. You start to feel different, and weird things are happening. You thought you were done with puberty stuff! You're well over the age of puberty! When you tell your parents this, they share a look.

"I think it's time." Your mother says to your father. Your father looks at you, then at his wife, and you're as confused as ever.

"Time? Time for what?" You ask, looking between the two.

"Well...All the stuff that's been happening to you? It's because we're not human."

This plot is based loosely around that old children's fantasy book, "Children of the Lamp". I have not read them (I'm actually currently reading the first one) but the idea that a family isn't human, and now their child(ren) have to navigate how to use their powers and seem normal is just really entertaining to me. I envison this taking place around highschool/college age personally, and what fantasy race the family is can be discussed during plotting.

I do believe in Faeries

Summer was your least favorite season. Yeah, you didn't have school, but summer meant that you'd have to take a family trip to see your crazy grandmother. But this time, you notice, things feel different. Not only is there a new, mysterious neighbor who seems to watch your every move, but you find a book on magical, mythical creatures. Faeries, gnomes, pheonix, everything you can think of, is in this book. Reading down further, you notice what can only be a spell, and with out thinking, you begin reciting

"In this 'tween time, this darkest hour
we call upon this sacred power
Three together stand alone
command the unseen to be shown
In innocence we search the skies
enchanted are our newfound eyes."

And like a veil lifted from your eyes, you began to see the magic around you for the very first time.

This is very much inspired from the Spiderwick Chronicles. That's all.

Coup De Grace

Given to a foreign country as a spouse, you came into the country with visions of grandeur, of love, and of power. Of course, your spouse married you out of necessity instead of love, and they hold all the power. Try as you might, your persuasions and suggestions to your spouse, and to the religious leader, are met with laughter and mockery. But, you know, inside your heart, that your vision for the country you are married into will make it the greatest country the world has ever, and will ever, know. You just have to get the crown on your head instead of theirs.

So, this is inspired by that 'The Great' show on Hulu. I just binge watched it, and I think the premise would be so much fun to make our own! Now, personally I would like to play the person initiating the coup, but I ultimately just want someone to try this idea with.

Those are the only plots I really have, but you can find my pairings and fandoms Here (Multiple Settings - Female looking for Male character!) if you'd like to choose from one of those. For fandoms, I only do OCs and not canon characters.

Can't wait to see if anyone is interested!

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