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Fandom Looking for someone interested in a Danganronpa Rp


Ok, so I’m looking for a long-term rp partner for Danganronpa. I prefer ships, but I’m not opposed to other roleplay preferences either. Here are some of my top ships, and the character I’d prefer to play is bolded!

•Saihara x Ouma•
•Amami x Ouma•
•Fuyuhiko x Peko•
•Naegi x Kirigiri•
•Togami x Naegi•
•Amami x Saihara•
•Saihara x Kaede•
•Ruruka × Izayoi• [I know a lot of people hate it but-]
•Naegi x Mukuro•
•M!Junko x Kirigiri• [Its a crack ship, pfft.]

I’m fine with any setting or preferences. For style, I’m fine with either Lit. Or Semi-Lit.

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