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Fandom Looking for someone for Apex Legends RP (OC x Canon or Canon x Canon)


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Hi all!

I know this is a small fandom, but i thought to put out a word just in case someone might be interested.

I'm currently looking to 1x1 in Apex Legends fandom.

I've been avid player since season 2, but have fallen behind on lore and have never played Titanfall before, so I might make some mistakes regarding lore itself - in which case I'd be more than happy for you to correct me. I'm always looking to learn more and will be researching more about lore in upcoming days.

I'm most comfortable with mxf, but I'm not opposed to any other pairings. I'm looking for either OC X Canon OR Canon X Canon.

I'd be happy if you'd be interested in the idea I have for my fem!OC (or your OC instead of mine in the same or similar setting), but I'd also be excited to hear about any ideas you have and/or for us to come up and brainstorm about something completely different that we both could enjoy.

The general idea I have for my fem!OC:

OC has been a huge fan of gladiator-like TV spectacle known as Apex Legends since early age and has always daydreamed about proving herself in the games, especially after acquiring mysterious abilities. She applies for one of a kind opportunity - a tournament in which whoever wins is declared a new Legend and is then added to the Apex Legends games. However, she will quickly learn that what she had seen on TV was far from the truth. Apparently, what public sees and what is happening behind the scenes are two completely different things. She might also learn that there's something far more mysterious and even possibly dangerous happening behind the scenes too.

There are more details to this and to my OC, so if you're curious we can discuss this further in DMs.

Now, I'm not choosy at all which canon character you'd play as in this setting, but I really like Mirage, Fuse and Caustic.

I'm also the most comfortable with playing as Mirage, Fuse and Caustic since I've written them before and find them the most fun, but I've also written a bit for Revenant, Octane, Lifeline, Bangalore, Wraith and Mad Maggie. However, I'd be happy to try out any other canon character you might want me to RP as.

Nothing is set in stone - everything is up for discussion, so please do voice your likes and dislikes!

General wants:
  • I'm in my mid 20s, so I'd prefer if you're at least 20 and I won't RP with you if you're under 18.
  • Character you want to play as must be 18+.
  • I prefer to RP in third person and past tense.
  • English is not my mother tongue and I'm not perfect in it, so I don't expect you to be either. I consider myself to be semi-literate to literate and I'm searching for the same.
  • General word count/paragraph number is not important as long as your reply keeps pushing the story forward. Quality over quantity is more important.
  • I will describe and discuss gore for canon-typical violence and I need you to be comfortable with the same.
  • Please do share any suggestions or ideas you might have. I'd like for you to feel comfortable to voice your wants, likes and dislikes, and I generally appreciate when you're able to add to the story.

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