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Futuristic Looking for some Star Wars please

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Just a Watcher and Wonderer
Well hi there


I'm looking for a partner to do a longer term Star Wars RP. I want to make original characters and original stories with a good amount of detail and world building. Romance is a must, long burn, and deep connections between them, oh hell yes. Adventures, bounty hunting, traveling to different worlds, seeing the canon stories from different perspectives are all things I'd love to see.


Some preferences
  • First things first, please be 18+.
  • I am comfortable with gore, horror, and anything really. If you want to get wild I'll get wild too.
  • Rather not do smut, much prefer fading to black and focusing on the emotions of characters, and pillow talk.
  • I can usually give out a few to a lot of paragraphs depending on what's going on with our characters.
  • I also enjoy doing things for when our characters are separated for a longer period of time. For example, writing out longer form posts of what our characters do on our different missions or travels.
  • I prefer to play a male and would like to play M x F. I would be willing to play F x F if you would like.


I'd love to talk and come up with characters. I can talk on discord or here or anywhere you'd like.
Send me a PM and I'll get back to you.​
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