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Fantasy Looking for some rp to get started

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Happy little world builder

This organisation specialise in the unusual, to protect others form the things that go bump in the night. Those things that no government would ever admit to it, we have all seen them. The unusual going on, the disappearances, the unexplained events that people online debate and try to pretend that they have the right answer for, or they know the truth about what happened. The truth was if anyone did find out the truth then there would be civil unrest.

This is why this organisation was founded, after they started to appear. Portal’s, no one knows why they started appearing, we have guessed that it must be something from a different time, why they started appearing is anyone’s guess. All we do if that is seems to be unnatural, something or someone is making these appear into our world. The things that appear out of these portals seems to be monster, things that eat the flesh of other creatures, zombies, vampires, werewolf and other creatures from different stories of old tales.

Before this organisation was founded the death from this creatures was catastrophic, the news was getting closer and closer to the truth. The worlds Governments had decided that something had to change, this is when they decided a new team had to be formed, a team that would have no history, no logged mission reports, no information on funded and most important absolutely no acknowledgement from any world Government. They only job was to protect innocent from these threats, to find the portals, to shut them down if they can If not get rid of any evidence and to save as many civilians as they could possible do.

This team would be made of the very best in the world and also the ones that had no other choice but to accept. This is their stories, come and join them as we try to fight back this new threat

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