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I'm here today to present some fancy as heck idea's for anyone who is interested. I have a variety of role plays I'm willing to do and am totally open to brand new ideas we can creature together. I don't mind how literate my partner is too much, just that they are willing to participate and add to the plot, just looking for someone who enjoys roleplaying in general! If we are to roleplay together I'd hope mostly that we try to write just as muh as each other, which we can discuss in PM. Lastly, I do have some roleplay ideas to present, so if you are looking for an idea to jump right into, here you go !!

Post Cold War Apocalyptic Story: Long ago there was the cold war, but it took a very different route than our timeline. Back in the beginning of the war there was lots of tension leading to both sides launching nukes, it wreaked havoc, destroying all of america and all of the world -well almost, one part of Russia known as The Motherland of Paradise was the only safe place, the rest of the world has radiation strong in the air. Criminals (Or those framed as one) are dropped off in america, or what remains, the place looks like a wasteland, as it was hit the hardest, but some life remains the humans of america have adapted and mutated into Ashers. Those who remained have some trace of radiation in there body, they have cracked skin with a glowing orange substance that looks like lava, and their skin is ashy. The plot would focus on Two People framed for a crime they didn't (or did) commit and they get thrown into this wasteland trying to survive or find a way home.

A Time Story: (Medieval, Modern, or Futuristic Setting) This plot would revolve around two people. At first all seems normal Person 1 lives his life as normal, but person 2 shows up telling them they keep traveling back in time to try to create the ideal future for both of them, but they tend to run into trouble on the way to their ideal future.

A Fantasy Setting: The plot is in a universe i've been working on, it is set in the past, but much like final fantasy it has technology along side magic and other old timely weapons. There are the people on the the ground and the people in the sky. The people in the sky have super advanced technology while people on the ground have more medieval technology. The plot could start out in the sky or ground, there are a few plots for this world, the 2 rper's would try to join The Order of the Frozen Scale to fight creatures of death, They start out in the sky an are apart of the Clockwork Knights and find themselves fall to earth, or we can creature or own plot.

Fantasy/Modern Setting: The 2 players would start out in everyday life thinking the world we live in as the real world, but as they learn about the magic world they start to notice all the hidden buildings and reatures within in, the constant exposure to this world allows them to see it. they now must help keep the ordinary world safe by fighting the dangerous creatures in this world.

Psychic Duels: A world where people with psychic abilities are Gods, they can do literally anything, kill anyone instantly make themselves invincible, so how do psychics fight exactly? They cant outwit the other so Psychics usually have to convince the other psychic to end their own lives, or make a sort of psychic duel where whoever wins at a game the other will instantly die. So the plot would be a battle of games and conversation. While also be philosophical with conversation as "what is the meaning of life if they can do whatever" and what is their role in the grander schemes of things.

Well those are just a few plot ideas if anyone is interested, or ya know, we can come up with our own plots, feel free to PM me!!!


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Hello! I’d be interested in doing a rp with fantasy, would you like me to sand a pm to discuss it more?

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