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Multiple Settings looking for some long term 1x1

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Hey - I'm boots. I'm 26 and prefer not to write with anyone under 18. I've got a lot of time on my hands, and I've been ghosted a lot recently so I'm trying to put a line out there and see who might want to commit to an advanced literate roleplay.

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

Some Guidelines

Please don't PM me with 'hey wanna rp,' I definitely won't respond.

I need VERY good writing from you in order to maintain interest - I don't need a sample but I won't say no to receiving one.

I'm willing to lead the story and play multiple characters, but I like to collaborate.

Communication is HUGE - Communicate with me about when you will and won't be around - I'll give you the same respect. I'd also like to ideally get to know you and become friends.

Typically I like to be able to respond to something more than once a day, but I have no problem waiting if you tell me you're busy.

My preference is M/M romanced based roleplay with darker themed plots. I will of course respect your boundaries, we'll definitely need to have a discussion about potential triggers.

While M/M is my preference, I can be compelled to do M/F (I would prefer the male role) or F/F if we come up with a good plot surrounding our characters.

I am not very into any fandoms right now, but there are a few I would consider writing:

Star Wars (Kylo/Rey, Kylo/Hux or Kylo/OC)
She-Ra (Catradora AU?)
Life Is Strange
Dragon Age
Fire Emblem Three Houses

I would love to brainstorm around OCs and create a good story. The genres I'm primarily interested in right now are:

Western (kinda desperate for some gay cowboysss)
Supernatural (werewolves, vampires etc.)
Dark Fairytale

PM me if you're interested!

Frozen Thyme

There’s a little witch in all of us.
I have an idea for an unusual blend of themes, though far from unpleasant if executed well. Perhaps I could introduce myself and fill you in on the details in DMs?
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Willow tree ~
Hey there! I’ve been looking for a partner as well. As of right now, Im pretty into high fantasy type genres. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested and we can cook something up :)


Hey I have had this idea for a cop and criminal romance for a while, I think you might be a good person to try and write it with if you're willing

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