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Hello! I’ve been in the mood to do a 1x1 Rp, so here I am!

A little bit about me:
- I am 18
- EST timezone
- I’ve got a pretty adaptable post length, though I’m not the biggest fan of 1 liners or novels
- I am currently in college
- I’m ace, possibly aro too
- I’m fine with any pronouns, but I like they/them!
- I am comfortable playing characters of any gender
- Ghost friendly, but please give me a heads up if you’d like to quit. I understand if you can’t though


Now as for actual Rp, I don’t have any plans in mind but I’m more than willing to help plot! I’m a big fan of Fantasy, supernatural fiction, horror, really anything with fantastical elements!

Though that being said, I will not do realistic fiction plots. Also, while I’m okay with romance having an element in a story I don’t really enjoy having it be the focus.

Fandoms I’d be okay rping in:

- Pokémon
- Don’t Starve
- Avatar the Last Airbender
- The Magnus Archives (YES)
- What we Do in the Shadows (note: would probably have to be with OCs as I’m not super far into the show ^-^’)
- Darkest Dungeon
- Dungeons and Dragons (I think the world is neat)

Anyway, if any of this is jumping out at you and you’ve got a fun idea, feel free to shoot me a pm!


New Member
Hello, I'd be interested in role playing with you. Do you want me to pm you? I'm new so I'm still getting used to how things work around here.

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