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Fandom looking for some anime fandom rps! [long-term please!! UPDATED]


hi, eri! i go with kitzusa online! i'm wondering if you're still searching for someone to rp either of these fandoms-
free! iwatobi swim club
tokyo ghoul
fairy tail
my hero academia
just a heads up, it's been quite some time since i roleplay, therefore i might be a bit rusty.
hope to hear from you soon.
- kitzusa


New Member
I'd be super down for a BNHA roleplay! I do have a few characters and pairings I prefer to RP as, but I don't mind if you have an idea that had specific characters/pairings- I can RP as most of the characters without an issue (I tend to find Shigaraki, Nejire, Mic and Iida a little difficult, and I've been told my Bakugou's not the best, but I can usually make do!)

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