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Fantasy Looking for Small RP Group

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I'm looking for a longterm small (idk, maybe 4 other people?) rp based on what I have here. I know it isn't much of a plot currently, but I'd like to flesh out details with anyone who is interested. I am looking for longterm rp partners, so please be prepared for really sticking with this.

Here is what I have (I know it's kinda typical but it sounds fun lol) :

Setting: The world where this story takes place is a fictional world, with two halves of the land, day and night. Day (K’eni is capital) is bright, and similar to desert places, while Night (Öö
is capital) is dark, and very mysterious, probably more Europe inspired. In this world, there are humans and fae. Fae can look like almost anything, and they are almost all unique. Humans are occasionally gifted with magic, and Fae have no magical powers, but their appearances are always magical. The world is called Ygris.

Conflict: The two sides of the world have always gotten along, to a certain degree. They often aren’t friendly with each other, mainly because of how completely different they are, but there have been no wars or major arguments in hundreds of years. Suspicions are beginning to arise in both courts, of spies, and forbidden happenings. The conflict in this is distrust of everyone, and the main characters trying to stop a war, or anything larger than the small disagreements that are currently happening.


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ok, here is the character sheet post!


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may be looking for 1 or 2 more people!
if you are interested lmk, and you can go ahead and make a character sheet !

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