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Multiple Settings Looking for short 1x1 rp

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Haiii okay so my name is quacksont, your friendly duck/croissant!

So like the title says, I'm looking for a partner or two for a short rp. If it turns into something greater than expected, we could plan out something for a longer story for it, but at the moment, I just want some experience. I've only just gotten here, literally a day after I made my introductions at the time of writing, so l want to try what it's like roleplaying here.

For the plot, I don't have any specific ideas yet, but for genres, here are some I've definitely tried and like.

-Romance (I've only ever done mxf, but I'm willing to try something new this time)
-Slice of Life

For length, I write at a paragraph or two at the least, when I have no material. When I'm feeling great, I can write three to four with around six sentences each. That being said, I can also do one liners if that's more your alley.

And I guess that's it? We can work out details like plots, settings, and characters in dms.

Since this is mostly for experience, if you have a bunch more experience than me, I'd really appreciate it if you help me out and tell me how things work around here as we do things. Things like how to write better, how to find rps better, how to write these checks better, that sorta thing! And I'd like it if we could talk while we did these, I'm something of an introvert, so I'd love some conversation, but that's not exactly required. If not, that's fine too. Again, I just need this primarily for the experience. Doesn't need to be anything intense. Okay thank youuu for reading! =D

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