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Hey everyone!

Pretty sure I just accidentally posted this in the wrong section, I joined like 10 minutes ago, so sorry about that! Here I come again.

So for genereal stuff, I prefer roleplays that are semi-lit - lit, if those terms are used here? not sure.
I only rp in third person and would like for you to do the same!
I will almost always rp as on OC, but it's not impossible that you could convince me to rp as a CC either!
I'd like for my rp partner to be at least 16!
Anything else is up for discussion!

Fandoms I'd like to try(more obscure ones included):
-Attack on Titan
-Devilman Crybaby
-Genshin Imoact
-American Dad
-Fairly OddParents
-Assassins Creed
-One Piece
-Tower of Fantasy
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Greys Anatomy
-Made in Abyss
-Mushoku Tensei

I probably frogot some, but I would basically be open to rp in any of those! Preferably not AU
If you're interested at all, please let me know and tell me what fandoms you would like to try!

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