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Realistic or Modern Looking for RP partners!

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Technical noob
Hello! I'm not really RPing with anyone at the moment, so I came here to see if anyone was interested in RPing with me!
I'm semi-literate and have been RPing for maybe two years now, but can't say if I'm any good at RPing yet :P I mainly do OCxOC RPs (Pretty much all of my OCs are female, btw), so I don't really do crossovers or anything like that. I also don't mind about character pairings most of the time, given they fit our character's sexualities, of course!

I have a few plots I wanted to try, the main two being one set in the late 90s/early '00s and the other being an SCP-type (not directly an SCP thing) plot I've been wanting to experiment with. Oh, and there's a half-vampire character I've wanted to use! (Not really a plot, but I do have some for her) There are others, but those were the main two I wanted to do.
That's about all I have to say, so if you wanna RP, I'll see ya later! I would've made this longer, but I'm not very good at writing interest posts.. ;^^

(P.S, I have a bio if you want to read it! It's in the Amino link in my 'about me page'!)

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