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Hey i wanna roleplay im gonna list fandoms i like if you like any comment that you wanna roleplay i roleplay fandoms the fandoms that have hearts next to them will be the ones i really wanna do but will do any i listed
So these are my rules i have they may seem strict or something but this is what im used to

Be able to play male and female Be able to play more then one characterIm looking for people who dont care about grammerIm not the type to right in paragraphs im not like literate or semi but i would try being detail if i can you get what you get Dont be rude just cause i dont right enough in detail or i spelled something wrongPlease dont take to long when replyingIm fine with darker themesI prefer playing ocs and having you play canonThe accuracy is important to me and the accuracy of the character your playing should be at least 70 to 80% spot onAlsoI only play(mxf)Make sure you communicate if your busy,tired etc let me know so we can continue later*

♡Mortal Kombat(deadly alliance to armageddon or mortal kombat 9 to mortal kombat x)
Saints row(1 to 4)
♡happy tree friends(play flippy and flipqy
♡Ren&Stimpy(will think of a plot with you)
♡Crash bandicoot

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