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    Hello. Since I don't want to bore everyone with ten pages of drivel about myself, I'll cut right to the chase. I'm new to RPN and I'm looking for roleplay partners or small groups.  I do, however, have certain rules or limitations which may deter people from wanting to start an RP with me. So let's start with those:


    • Be an adult.  
    • Act like an adult. (when appropriate)
    • Be sure to advance the plot when you post. This is very important.  I'm sorry to say that failure to do this makes me lose interest almost instantly.
    • I like quality and some quantity.  I'd prefer at least a few paragraphs. 
    • Please try to write comprehensive sentences. 
    • Being nice is a plus
    • Use PM or a thread in the 1x1 forum. (No off-site RP) Dice rolling systems not included. 
    • I like originality in settings and story. 


    • I can only post once a day most of the time. I have a busy job which leaves me quite exhausted at times. I want to make a post that has a decent level of quality and quantity. This will probably deter some of people, but at least I'm being honest about it.  I hope there's at least some other, perhaps equally busy, people who can live with this.
    • Don't break the ToS.

    Are you still here?  Well, that's neat.  For a list of genres I'd be interested in, please look down below.  I am going to state, plainly, that I will not do any fandom roleplaying at the moment.  I'm just not into fandom right now and it wouldn't be fair to start an RP with someone whilst not being interested in the slightest.  I mean: You're welcome to try and convince me otherwise, but I'll likely say "no thank you".


    • Fantasy (any time period)
    • Science Fiction
    • Cyberpunk
    • Steelpunk
    • Combinations of the above
    • Dark/Gritty fantasy
    • Exploration. "To boldly go where no dwarf has gone before."

    RPG systems:

    • D&D
    • Shadowrun
    • Iron Kingdoms

    Current ideas:

    • Something involving dwarven holds and of course short fat beardy fellows. Possibly dragons. No halflings, though. 
    • A modern fantasy, in the trend of "The Secret World."
    • A space adventure.  
    • Orcs, Goblins, Beastmen... I feel like wandering away from standard races in fantasy for a change.  Perhaps a story on the other side of the fence? 
    • A paladin on a journey. 
    • Something involving a thiefling. 

    Feel free to suggest your ideas and plots. 
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    This is a great start.   :smile11:
  3. EnkoKasumi

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    You are not alone!

    Do you have any ideas for the mentioned genres?
  4. Eye of Nowhere

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    Some loose ideas here and there, yes.
  5. Eye of Nowhere

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    I'll just bump this thing up again.  
  6. L e n n e ♥

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    If you roleplay modern supernatural things (like witches, demons, vampires, etc.) and are willing to double or play a male, I'd love to roleplay! I have tons of plots, and am open to anything you have. ^^
  7. Eye of Nowhere

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    It depends on the plot and the setting overall.  I'll include supernatural elements in a modern day story if the story's good.  So, feel free t drop me a PM with your ideas. 
  8. Zaxs

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    Hello there!

    I had a marvelous idea for a fantasy role play, though I am not to sure how to put it into words. I do have a lot of the details planned out and I understand the direction I want to go and how the plot can be driven. Do you mind if I PM you the idea?
  9. Eye of Nowhere

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    Feel free to do so.  
  10. Eye of Nowhere

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    And we're bumping this old thing up once more.
  11. Eye of Nowhere

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    Now with new random ideas

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