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Multiple Settings Looking for RP partners (Now with premade plots!)

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Set in the future; after the events of PSMD; Yvetal was sealed away in their weakened egg-form. However a human stumbled upon them and re-awoke them as well as capturing them. The human is warped by Yvetals power and starts believing that he; as Yvetals trainer is the new Creator. He challenges the other legendaries and defeats them; one by one. The humans start splitting; those who stand against the growing darkness and those who wish to re-create the world. The Yvetal Trainer capturing the legendaries and giving them to those in his command, he calls his army Tenbrae and armed with Legendaries they set out to purge the world.

Arceus brings forth legendaries from alternate timelines to help keep his world in balance however the war between the Tenebrae and those against them start having dire consequences. Humans and pokemon alike start dying and even Arceus himself has no choice but to retreat. Earths only hope is to bring the light from the darkness and to do that; the pokemon who are not-trainer owned need to be rallied; everyone needs to stand against the growing threat.

A transformed human comes to the pokemon world; however s/he remembers what brought them to this world. They were brought by Arceus when meeting them upon Mt. Cornet. Arceus sending them to try to be the one to rally the pokemon left for the time being, out of the war. They meet their partner and go to a poke-city where the war has not bothered them. However; according to the city members there is a sickness turning the pokemon into shadows of who they were. To reverse it the human and their partner takes on a quest to get the Light Stones; gems imbued with Xerneas's power.

However upon reaching the Tree of Life, they see it blackened and withered. Xerneas barely visible at its roots. Xerneas entrusts the last of his power to the human-turned-pokemon; and the Light Stones to cure the Shadow Pokemon. They head back to see that they were too late; the city was taken over by the Shadow Pokemon. After heading to the forefront of the battle; the human and their partner find Yvetal; and they clash however the partner is turned into a Shadow; and the human is left to fight alone. In the moment of weakness the human uses Xerneas's power; and the light bathes the battle and purifies those in the battle. However, the attack leaves the human weakened, and Yvetal uses Oblivion wing as a last attempt to win the battle however the damage is done and the non-shadow pokemon rallied by the humans bravery defeats Yvetal; ending the war.

The human however starts fading; but not to become a human again. Blacking out the human wakes up in a white room; Arceus standing before them. He tells them that they had won the war but lost their life. He gives them a choice, stay dead; or return to what they died as, to live in the ravaged world naturally and to help it recover.

After the events of PSMD Darkrai corrupts a young recently hatched pokemon, making them into a shadow pokemon. The pokemon is violent; yet somewhere inside it there still is a small shard of light; this shadow pokemon stumbles across your human-turned pokemon and tries to attack you; fearing that you were there to take them out. However battling you seems to clear their head; and they want to travel with you. They want to learn where they came from, why were they not like the other pokemon. And if they could ever fit into society.

My character; a natural born aura user, travels to the Tree of Beginning just to see what was there; and ends up being haunted by the memories of Aaron and Lucario. Loosing to the onslaught of memories; he passes out and when he wakes up he is transformed into a Lucarion-Genjika. He has to try to adjust to his new life, and hide who he is as he realized that he is the new target of people who were trying to find Mew in the tree; and saw him instead.

PokemonxStarwars Crossover: In the year 348x Aura Guardians have become the prominent form of protection for the pokemon world as threats far greater then imagined come to attack the planet. These Guardians banded together to form a school for those they find like them and train them early on so they can hone their skills. The guardians keep peace on the planet, helping solve not only trainer-trainer conflicts but Pokemon-Pokemon conflicts as well. That is until Erus. Erus was a guardian with raw natural talent. Having found a riolu near his hometown he trained with it until the Guild found him and took him in. Already they could see the great potential the pair had, and many said Erus was on his way to becoming head of the guild. However greed consumed the boy, as he wanted more power and would do anything to get it, from overtraining and killing sparring partners to having his Riolu kill off his own kind by smashing the eggs before they hatched. He wanted to be the strongest and cared not how to get it. Exiled from the guild Erus only caused more trouble. He captured Yvetal and used the pokemons power over dark matter to turn pokemon against the Guild, effectively injuring and killing the members. He used this attack to turn the entire world against them, making it seem like the guild members were the bad ones by showing the world the damage and making it seem like the Guardians caused it. Generations passed and those who weren't killed went into hiding. They kept their powers secret and their pokemon even more so. Anyone with a riolu or lucario was a public enemy, and could be killed. However one day a young child makes way into a hidden base, and discovers a forgotten egg, caring for the egg it hatches and riolu comes from it, this alerts a nearby former Guardian who was watching the egg, and confronts the child, hoping that perhaps they could be the one to return the Guardians to their prime.

More will be added as I think of them.

After the defeat of Bill Cipher, and Dipper and Mabel return home, the rest of the 'Ciphers' start hanging out more; despite how they acted before the battle. Years later one of them; Wendy, starts suffering from nightmares. She starts being afraid to even shut her eyes at night because they're so weird and they make her scared of her own mind. Little does she know that Bill's essence is gathering inside of her, planning on using her to take down Dipper, Mabel and the others. (Besides you can't kill an immortal demon) Wendy slowly retreats from the world, hiding out in a cabin in the woods. Her friends have no choice but to call Dipper and Mabel back to Gravity Falls after 3 years of being forced to stay away due to school, work, etc.

In the rush to get the Shack protected from Bill, he warps the mind of a gnome, who sets the house ablaze, Dipper was out at the cafe and returned to find everyone he cared about dead. In his weakened emotional state he turns to Bill for help. Who agrees to turn back time, to yesterday and promising that nothing bad will ever befall his family IF he becomes Bills slave to follow every command with no questions asked.

Two twins are born in the {Whatever element we want to start the cycle on} nation. As they grow up; one is believed to be a non bender however the other one is tested and deemed the Avatar. However what the kid doesn't tell anyone is that only two elements responded to him, and the Lotus couldn't understand why. However the kid believes that he can bend all four he just has to learn how. One day on their travels the twin is put in danger and the other has to save them, and in this emergency happens to bend the other two missing elements. But he cares for his brother and will try to pass it off as the 'Avatars' nervous energy bending the elements (This part I usually picture the 'Avatar' charrie passed out or something) to protect the Avatar.

However the suspicion is there, the 'Avatar' is now leery of his brother, the seed of jealousy that planted itself in the 'Avatars' heart starts to root as he doesn't want to share his title however deep down he knows he'll have to, because they share two halves of the Avatar Spirit. However we can either have the brothers slowly pull apart due to jealousy or something happens that forces them to work together.

Set in either the Aang-cannonverse or maybe all OCS, my character was the same time as you; and was tested for the Avatar Spirit at age 9; however even picking all the right relics, the only element to respond to my character is Fire, since she was born in the Fire Nation. However the world is desperate for an Avatar, so the Lotus decide to create an Avatar. They lie to her and tell her she is the Avatar however she will need to learn the elements before she can go out into the world.

Putting her on an island, they train her for the next four years; somehow she is able to bend the elements as a true Avatar can however she doesn't have the Spirit of the Avatar with her.

Far away in another nation where the Cycle is suppose to continue your character is growing up and starts showing traits of bending the Four Elements and the Lotus of your nation test you and deem you the Avatar, word spreads and your charrie is seen world wide as the Avatar. After the training my charrie breaks away from the island, and heads to a nearby village where your charrie is; and at first they get along, starting to become friends, but then something happens to make your charrie announce they are the avatar and that causes friction as my charrie believes they're the avatar.

Focuses on A rider, and their dragon finding the last of a rare breed of dragon, Apographon or more known as the Clonics, they are a breed of dragon known to be able to copy other species of dragons and take their forms. The telltale is like changewings the eyes dont change but also scale colors remain the same. The reason this dragon is rare is because the species is seen as a prize to a dragon hunter, he wants to be the only rider of this particular breed and even rides the former thunder leader as a sign of his "mastery" over the species

Still with Clonics. A few years after (au from lost world) Berk settles and Hiccups duties grow Toothless is given a new auto fin. One he accepts seeing how busy his human is for once he doesnt argue the fact. He decides to do some exploring and for a time each day swears he sees another Night Fury, and one day the strange dragon leads him to an island thats hiden in the mist. A thriving dragon Thunder where the night fury leads them. However its soon discovered that the larger thunder the small group broke from wants them destroyed. A tyrannical dragon feels betrayed by those who left and the pize he lost. (More would be revealed in rp)

DBH au where the main trio are deviant hunters. With each member of the team specialising in one (or a few) areas of detective/police work, the team is deployed to Detroit to investigate increased deviant android numbers. Partnering with the Detroit police (Hank), the trio attempt to find out the cause of deviancy, slowly becoming deviants themselves. More info next time heh. I was discussing with a friend about this AU and how it fits so well? Each one of them would discover their own deviancy via contact with Alice, Carl, Ralph, Simon, North, Josh etc. The angst potential for this au + dorkiness is so so broad? Markus can be a sketch artist for criminals. Kara would be interrogating Alice. The trio would turn on one another due to suspicion of deviancy!! If you have more ideas, do share hehe (I would love to hear them!!) Also, this is taking Hank’s “Fucking androids.” literally lol cuz now he has to deal with 3 android children.

Kara (AX400): An android built with motherly "instincts" specializing in children witnesses/victims.

Markus (RK200): An android programmed to draw, and sketch, used to accurately draw eyewitness's descriptions of unsubs.

Connor (RX800): Built to work with police officials, can analyze blood types with taste receptors and can scan the environment to piece together information.

TLDR: These three are sent to Detroit to help Cyberlife determine the cause of Deviancy and put a stop to it, but as time goes on, even the Three start to waver and realize that perhaps they are wrong and its the Deviants who are right, they must make choices, and those choices will determine their destinies.

Hey there nice to meet you! Don't worry I don't bite, hard. Anyway, I'm looking for people to RP with because its getting boring just sitting around stalking the site XD

Now you maybe wondering 'What do they RP?' Well let me tell you.

I will RP: (Sorry this is kinda long)


Cats (Like the four legged fluffy things XD)*

Detroit: Become Human (Plot for this is an au)



Eragon (AKA Inheritence Cycle)

Flash (I'm on Season 1 but 2 is out on netflix if I NEED to watch it for you to RP with me)

Gravity Falls*

Horse RPs

How to train your Dragon*

Justice League

Lions (Love TLK and TLG)

My Little Pony


Star Wars/SWR (I'll only play cannon characters with SWR)

Steven Universe (I have my own Gemsona for this fandom)

*=High Muse

Thats the list so if you have any threads or want to just add me as a friend please feel free to!
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