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Multiple Settings Looking for rp partners! (Fandom/Orginals! Always Open!)

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be crime do gay

About me!
•Online name is Navi, but feel free to call me whatever you’d prefer!
•I’m a female (please use she/her for me, thanku!)
•I’m a minor! (please don’t be creepy or a weirdo!)
•I have around 2 years of roleplaying experience! (but I’ve been writing for a long time!)

Roleplay things:
•Please be in the age range of 13-20. I do not feel very comfortable doing rps with anyone outside that range, so please respect that!

•I have a bunch of random non-fandom plot ideas, so feel free to ask about them <3

•I’m completely fine with ghosting!

•I love having OOC convos, so feel free to message me outside of the rp! ^-^

•For non-fandom rps, all genres are fine with me! (Although I’m a sucker for horror or romance!)

•Make your OC however the heck you want! (I mean, it is YOUR Oc!) If you don’t judge me, I won’t judge you!

•Please just…don’t make your character randomly kill or attempt to murder mine. Please.

•Any kind of ship is fine with me! (Meaning CCxCC, OCxCC, OCxOC, etc) And all pairings are fine with me aswell! (MxF, FxF, MxM, etc)

•All writing styles and types are okay to me (I think mine is semi-lit!) It doesn’t matter to me how many sentences/words you write, that’s completely up to you!

•I prefer to do rps in DMs!

•With fandoms, I prefer to use both OCs and CCs together! (I also like to use headcanons for some of the worlds!)

•I can play both male and female characters, but prefer to do female!

•I’m okay with doing fluff/romance!

•Please let me know any boundaries/rules you have in the roleplay before we start, as I don’t want to cross any or make anyone feel uncomfortable!

And yeah, those are basically it! Now, onto fandoms I can do!

Fandoms! (The more * it has, the more I want to do this fandom!)

•Harry Potter ******
•Fairytail ****
•Resident Evil *****
•Legend of Zelda ******
•Stardew Valley *
•Squid Game **
•Heathers (Musical or movie) ****
•Gravity Falls ****
•Hunger Games **
•Creepypasta **
•Riverdale **
•Deltarune ****
•Twilight *

Please send me a DM or reply to this if you want to do a rp/ have a question! ^-^
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ur mom makes my heart throb
if you could dm me, im interested in doing maybe squid game, hunger games, or creepypasta jsdsd

i haven't watched the hunger games in forever though so please don't ask me to play a canon character or i will sob - low-key can't remember lore either though headcanons and improv are fun for that .

Squid Game is cool, haven't role-played it with anyone yet so i'd be interested in developing/sharing headcanons !

I'm the most familiar with creepypasta because of a childhood fixation, so I can def say I have lots of headcanons and personality in my characters ? TuT

Last note, I can write correctly, I just speak in low-case/no commas sometimes because of a writing quirk lol, please ignore it if my grammar drops up and down .


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hey! if youre still looking, i am totally interested! i could send you a dm of which fandoms im able to rp?


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Hi! I'm interested, but I noticed that you prefer to rp with ages between 15-20. (And I'm sure 20 is pushing it probably) I just turned 21 and a female, but is also a sucker for horror and romace. if you are still uncomfortable with that, I will respect that and won't press any further.

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