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Fantasy Looking for RP Partner: The Slumbering Realms Rp Forum (Open!)

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Hello! I'm Cmdrawings but I don't mind being called Cat, this is my first time doing this so if I miss anything then let me know. I'm trying to cover every base I can think of off the top of my head. I'm a bit nervous to post since it's my first time doing a forum like this but I'm excited to meet new people too!

I'm creating this RP Forum for anyone that might be interested in a fantasy RP with me, so if interested then post a reply here or you can DM me with some suggestions. I'll cover over any questions that I think might be asked:

Q: What is the Slumbering Realms?
A: The Slumbering Realms is a world I've created and have been working on and off on for a good few years that I feel like I have created enough of a world on it where I'm excited to introduce it to people so for those that are interested in taking a look at the google docs to see what's all in it then here is the link: The Slumbering Realms
Please don't get spooked if it looks like a lot to take in, it was mainly for me to keep everything organized and obviously, I'm not asking anyone to just create an OC that fits in this history.

Q: Do I need to make an OC from these races?
A: Nope! In fact, the plot I was going for was since Amalthea( an OC you will probably meet) reopened the world's natural wild portals to other worlds the kingdom is now allowing other races from other worlds to visit and co-exist in. So you can use any OCs that you want! So humans, demons, elves, fairies, even a race you've created yourself is welcomed!

Q: How often should I post a reply if we RP together?
A: Whenever you want! My work schedule can be fussy as well as sometimes my social life so I would never expect anyone to do something like post daily. I try to post a response as soon as I can but I genuinely don't mind a slow response time in that regards and I can wait months for a reply back to a RP since I know how busy life can get unexpectedly so as long as we have some communication like a DM saying you or I need to take a small break for a few days before getting back to it is perfectly fine. RPing should never become a chore, just go with the flow and have fun!

Q: On-site or off-site?
A: Up to you, I did a lot on Discord because it's easier for me to get a quick notification but I respect if someone wants to do it here on this site so I'm not fussy in that regards. And I don't mind switching if asked like if you want it here and first and halfway through you want it switched to Discord then I can easily accommodate that.

Q: Any rules?
A: I'm pretty laidback on a lot of stuff so if you have any rules then let me know and I'd be happy to accommodate as best as possible. Obviously following the rules of the site is important too.

Q: Romance?
A: Romance between OCs is alright as long as it's not forced. If too OCs seem to show chemistry and we both discuss it then I see no issue with that but do note that I have some Ocs that are harder to romance than others (A good example would be Aithne, hard to romance, and if you want her to warm up to an OC that's gonna take a long and slow build-up because she doesn't trust anyone.) So keep in mind what you're aiming for: want a slow burn and build up? Aithne is the most challenging to romance. Want an innocent precious little baby that likes candy and is lovable to everyone? Akakios is pretty easy but dense on romance unless your OC explains it to him. There should be plenty of options I hope with a few off-limits(because married).

I think I covered all I could think of so let's get into the OCs for anyone that is interested and yes you can pick which group you think your OCs would be best suited with. More OCs may be added later on to the list but more as like side characters that make the courts look more full. Filling out courts takes a lot of work and I try to make each one have an actual personality and interests instead of just cardboard fill-ins.

Scholar Court:
  • Vilseia, head of this court she is the Recordkeeper. The Sollavian woman is very orderly and strict and prefers to work on keeping the records in order instead of most social aspects of life.
  • Tremm, second high rank. This Otrem male enjoys being chaotic and likes to keep Vilseia on her toes but screwing up the papers intentionally for her to fix. He likes jokes.
  • Tilio, new recruit. Tilio is a good-natured Sollavian male with a clumsy streak, unintentionally mixing up the papers and records due to his clumsiness.
  • Yilyla, middle rank. This Zilsonian woman is calm and collected. She's quiet and tends to help out Tilio and any possible new recruits, she mainly handles the documentations on plants.
Arcano Regio:
  • Cecelia, Herald Mage. She leads this court and is actually more of the villain than anything so if working with someone that will backstab you if what you're looking for then here you go but she is the over-powered "I'm capable of destroying this whole world if I get bored enough" OC so I wouldn't encourage it too much.
  • Zentha, the next rank below Cecelia. This Zilsonian woman is more cold and calculating, plays a ruthless game but ultimately respects those that hold to their views. She handles the more political side of things will Cecelia is off causing chaos and trouble.
  • Elpidios, equal ranking with Zentha. This Sollavian male handles the magic education in the court. Not very politically focused and typically is more focused on a person’s education. Tries to make the Academy more accessible to others while ensuring banned magic is impossible to get a hold of. He's got a good heart and only wants to make sure anyone with magic can easily get any help on controlling it and to have a good education on it.
  • Valhalios, new recruit. This Sollavian male mainly handles the paperwork and spell keeping. A bit of a goofball but helps out everyone.
  • Myuna, middle rank. This female Macalla investigates and records magic-based situations. Like most Macalla she has no emotions and just follows the commands of her higher ups.
  • Zaos, high rank. A male Macalla that keeps inventory in the Archives mainly as well as the proper storage of magical artifacts. One of the three that holds the key to the key system to get into the locked section of the Archives. Not expressive and tends to keep everything orderly and on strict lockdown.
  • Lorsan, middle rank. Male Zilsonian, he handles any bookkeeping and organizes the Archives, keeps track of any spell books that are being borrowed, and ensures they return in a timely fashion. He's a stickler on time. And hates people having overdue spell books.
  • Onora, middle rank. Female Ondolindian, handles any assignments for recruits as well as any mage training for the court. Stern when it comes to lessons but also encourages expansion on magic as well as magical experimentation(within reason).
  • Wynn, middle rank. Male Ondolindian, handles any disputes as well as disciplinary actions. Very analytical and factual, absolutely despises lying.
Conclave of Fog:
  • Renafi, head of the organization. This female Zilsonian has a more charismatic side to her, preferring to joke and tease to make people laugh. Not a threat as long as you're not her target.
  • Min, high rank. Macalla male that handles major spy work for Renafi, also assists in disguise making.
  • Farryn, middle rank. Gruff and quiet Zilsonian male that mainly only handles spywork. Prefers to not get his hands dirty.
  • Kada, middle rank. Chaotic and loves good brawl this Otrem female is an expert at fear tactics, her assassinations may be messy but she makes it a point to stand out.
  • Lyrei, middle rank. A source of good information this Macalla female sneaks into places for recruits beforehand to give detailed reports of routes and any traps or obstacles in place(like mercenaries or hostile pets) making her the number 1 source of information for new recruits.
  • Ashryna, middle rank. This Zilsonian female mixes the poisons for the recruits as well as does inventory. Has a small greenhouse filled with plants for poison making and even keeps a few at her desk.
  • Dern, low rank. This weaponsmith Otrem male handles the weapon repairs. Boisterous and enjoys a good party. He didn’t care too much for the stealth side of things(found it easily boring) so he went into making the weapons instead, making him very valuable to keep around to Renafi.
  • Galahad, recruit. This young Ondonlindian male is the newest upstart in the group and is under Renafi's wing to rise up in the ranks. More of a jokester and flirt he has a ways to go to reach the top.
Zendalin Court:
  • Tathaln, director. This male Zilsonian runs this operation. Being the fifth director to take the job after the other four couldn't handle Draka's chaos he keeps a level head for the most part and wisely learned to put Draka's chaotic nature to good use by founding a S.W.A.T team within this court. Making this organization a bit more broad in terms of what it's role is.
  • Draka, S.W.A.T member. Otrem female that enjoys busting down doors, chaos, flirting and fighting. She's an ultimate headache that knows so many animal facts that she will ruin your favorite animal with fact spam. A lover of pranks she will terrorize anyone that gives her a reaction just for fun.
  • Zilon, medical examiner. Zilsonian male that was a former doctor, deciding he didn't care much for people he went into studying crime scenes and eventually settled on being a medical examiner. Rarely seen unless you head down for an autopsy and isn't fond of people. He does like his plants though and gets very irritated when people touch them or try to mess with them(mainly Draka). Though he does begrudgingly use his medical knowledge to patch up any court agents if need be.
  • Mei, agent. Macalla female this one is an odd ball in that while she doesn't expression emotions like her fellow Macallas she prefers to stay in her mist form the majority of the time and only takes a form if it's deemed to be needed. She's a hoarder of knowledge and strives to keep collecting more knowledge. Her habits of doing so tend to make people wary and uncomfortable of her with mainly Draka and Aithne knowing hostility to keep her from pulling any stunts on them due to her past incidents of body highjaking to other people.
  • Akakios, agent. Sollavian male, a bubbly and innocent bird baby. Akakios has an uncanny ability to befriend anyone due to his caring and happy go lucky nature that even criminals have second thoughts about hurting him making Akakios the only agent on record to have a complete pacifistic record of bringing in criminals. He is very dense and child-like causing some people to look out and protect him which he seems unware of.
  • Aithne, bounty hunter. Ondolindian female, harsh and hostile. Aithne is dedicated to bringing in criminals and works around to clock to do so making her the only one in the court with the most work hours. Trusting people is a challenge and she prefers to be as threatening and mean as possible to push people away. Gaining her trust takes a long time and a lot of persistence to see through the seething remarks and biting comments.
  • Zephira. Female Sollavian, very motherly and is the most common one to be seen as she travels over the kingdom daily to deliver letters, documents and to do check-ins on everyone in every court or organization making her well known on a national scale.
  • Zen. Demon male, Zen is the first demon in years to reenter the Slumbering Realms after the portals were closed to other worlds. Coming from Earth he now is the representative for any demons that are looking to make a new home in the kingdom.
  • Astrida, queen. This young monarch is the kingdom's third queen. She's young for a Macalla but hopes to undo the wrongs her mother did during her reign and aims to a more united kingdom.
  • Marina, Fleet Admiral. Ondolindian female, stern and strict but only when on her ship, once on shore leave she's a bit more mellow and can be seen going to pubs with her crew to celebrate a good time out at sea.
  • Amalthea. Female Macalla, daughter to Cecelia she always set her sights on being more powerful than her mother, returning to the kingdom from her exile and opening the world to other worlds it's unclear on what the fate of this kingdom will be during her untimely return.
I have more ocs but for now this felt like a good amount for people to choose from(some new faces may even show up as side characters for any plots if needed or to even add a bit of extra comedy/flavor if that's okay). If you have an questions or even any interest then please DM or reply here. I'll be happy to answer anything I missed! Also if this sort forum doesn't interest you I do plan on making on a month or so from now that's a Valheim rp(because I really like Valheim and my characters in there have been fleshed out finally). So let me know if you want to try to reserve a spot for that.

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