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Fantasy Looking for rp group


The faery scribe
hey guys!

So I'm looking for a group of players to help me rp this idea I've had for a while. The Basic concept would be that the Major Arcana's from Tarot cards are starting to die off unexpectedly in their worlds, so they seek out help from their chosen personification/person in the real world (or the world of the rp wherever it takes place) to try and help them from being destroyed. Each player would choose one major Arcana to play and then create an OC that they would then switch back and forth from in posts as the ocs tried to find eachother and solve the mystery as to what's going on in the realms of these Arcana's.

For example, I would say my arcana was the Magician, so I would choose a form for him to be in in his realm and list what he is over and his card meanings, i then would create an OC that the Magician has chosen as his speaker or his voice in the world where the OC lives or 'the real world'.

Would anyone be interested in doing this with me?


Bippity boppity, your soul is now my property.
Interested! This premise is super cool; I'm thinking of writing an OC for the Tower.


The faery scribe
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