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Realistic or Modern Looking for Roleplays

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Hey! Im looking for a few Roleplays! I'm looking for a fast reply roleplay (a few lines-2 small paragraphs) I prefer to play F characters and only do FxF and FxM. If we do fandom, I only do oc x oc. If a ^ is next to the pairing or fandom I have an idea or plot. Some of the ^ things have plots, some don't. IF one doesn't have it I just haven't gotten around to typing the plot(s) out yet,
The more ** the more I crave

Pairings and Tropes
Rebel x Military
Royal x bodyguard^
M/C is the second daughter of the royal family, her older sister is next to rule and m/c is just the spare. M/c is always running around and traveling, on all her adventures, Y/C is right behind her. Y/C was her assigned bodyguard since she was 16 and he was 19. Over the years they have formed a friendship. When m/c turns 21, her parents start pushing her to marry a prince or duke, but she already is in love with someone else. That somebody else is Y/C.
Teacher x Single parent****
Closeted x open gay
Athlete/jock x nerd/artist
Best friends to lovers
Rich x poor^***
Superhero x Villain
Deity x worshipper
Fake relationship
Forbidden love^
Found Family^***
A group of teenagers go on a road trip before their freshman year of college. They have been friends since little and in times of needs they have always been there for each other. Their friendship will be tested on the trip and they will have to face obstacles but as long as they have trust in each other they will survive. We will each play 2-3 characters. Can be strictly platonic or can have romance.

Genres I like
Slice of life

Avatar the last airbender
Percy Jackson^
Hunger Games
M/C and Y/C have never been close but have talked as they were in the same fraction(amity or erudite for plot purposes.)(. When the Choosing ceremony comes, it's no surprise M/C chooses Dauntless. Y/C chooses Erudite. M/C has the habit to leave the Dauntless buildings to hang out in the less lived in areas of the city, one day on their adventures, they run into y/c who was just on a walk. They catch on what has happened since they last saw each other. As Y/C starts hanging out in their free time near where they met M/C, they start to form a friendship with their weekly meet ups.
They will be a year above Tris, will probably get angsty will the events in the divergent books happen.
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