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Hello! Last time I joined I made a real long thread so I'll just make it short and simple.

About me:
-My name is Ray, any pronouns are okay
-My responses are usually a paragraph or two, but I try to match my partner.
-I am kind of awful at talking and saying no. If you have an idea that you think I might be interested in, please say it! For example, it would make things a lot simpler if you said 'Hey, I have this plot I'd like to do, I was thinking of being chara A while you chara B, is that okay?'. Rather than say 'I found your thread... What do you want to roleplay?' because my answer would be 'Almost anything!'
-I prefer to play male-aligned characters. Also I don't play multiple characters at once (I'll gladly play side characters, just nobody that's a main focus.)
-My toyhouse is scoresilver, most profiles aren't fleshed out but see if anyone catches your eye!

-Idols, fictional J-Idols mostly (Think Love Live, Ensemble Stars)
-I am REALLY on a Pokemon kick. And I really like the villain teams. But also I really like slice of life adventures.
-I mostly consume animanga content, so I don't do real face claims, it's weird to me. I'll assume unless otherwise discussed that our characters exist in an anime-esq world where people are naturally born with blue hair or whatever.

Roleplay Cravings:
-Mentioned before, I love a good villain. Any sort of crime or villany roleplay would be great.
-I... Really like Giovanni from pokemon. And so I'd love to play him in any way lol. (Just no gross ships. OcxCanon is absolutely okay though and completely valid. This goes for anything.)
-I'd also be down for a non villain focused pokemon roleplay, with just a couple guys going out on their pokemon journey together. Or even a non pokemon adventuring roleplay
-Honestly? Just about anything goes. I'll gladly take a look at just about anything. I'll probably be the most flexible roleplayer you'll ever see.

I said I'd keep this short but I'm a liar apparently! Please pm me if interested, I'm bad at checking forum comments.
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