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Multiple Settings Looking For Roleplay Partners/ Roleplay Cravings(MxM/MxNB/NBxM)(Open)(Will Update And Bump)

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Ultimate Baddie 😎
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Roleplaying with really long msgs that take hours to prepare? I could never.

Hey there, I'm Latte and I've been roleplaying for a couple of years, though my roleplay style does not reflect it xd I'm a bit fruity and go by they/them pronouns!! I'm in the GMT time zone but can reply almost all times throughout the day!! I always play the oc, but IDM if you wanna do oc or cc, I'm just worried I can't portray cc very well xd. No doubling either, it gets confusing for me very quickly.
I typically reply multiple times an hour and keep to shorter paragraphs, I can try to do longer but my average is 3-5 lines(PC), I typically do about 2-4 paragraphs per message. Here's an example of my typical reply!
Eiji jumped a bit when Ceres asked, "after I'm done watering my plants, I'll start right away, feel free to do whatever you want in the meantime!" He smiled over to Ceres before rolling up his sleeves "speaking of which, I'm gonna go get my water bucket and start watering me plants, feel free to explore" He quickly ran off, he power walked down one of te many hallways and found the storage closet, he got his watering bucket and plant food, he ran over to the closest lavatory and filled up the bucket, pouring in the food and mixing it in with his hand. When it came to taking care of his plants, he was quite childish with it, but he didn't mind, Eiji was a grown adult in his own house and he'd act however he liked.

After preparing the water, he walked around the hallway and water every plant, exactly pouring for 3 seconds on each unless one needed more. He would take his time with it, just enjoying himself as a he took care of the plants, referring to each by a name written on their containers, almost like Eiji considered them as pets. He enjoyed it all, it made him really happy, a feeling he missed quite dearly, until he met Ceres.

Ever since Ceres was summoned, when he wasn't threatening Eiji, he felt quite safe and cheerful, like as if Ceres was his friend. A friend that he had fallen for in the spam of two days, he knew it was stupid but he didn't care. It's not like he planned on telling Ceres, the demon would just mock him and he'd end up hurt, so instead he'd just keep it to himself, forever. He's done it before with crushes and he'd do it again.

I can deal with shorter roleplay text, as long as you're able to move the story along, either with dialogue or not, IDM :D I'm much better at dialogue than anything else. It's just easier to show someone losing their shit with words rather than actions.

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Ok now to talk about what kind of roleplay themes I do!!

Slice Of Life(not preferred unless you can spice it up very well)

Dynamics: (for the X types, the first one is the one I'd be most interested in roleplaying as. If they're crossed out it means I already have an rp going with them, tho idm doing them if your ideas are enticing :D)
New guy to townXMafia Boss

Childhood Friends
Online Friends Accidentally Meeting Up

If you can come up with anything else, feel free to ask, I love experimentation :DD

Fandoms:(I can do non-fandom RP!!)
Genshin Impact
Tokyo Ghoul
Stranger Things
(If you have any other fandoms you think I might be interested in, just ask in the comments :DD)

My Cravings
Horror-themed roleplay
A dom/sub romance(SFW of course)
Tokyo Ghoul(doesn't have to be strict to canon)
Genshin Impact themed(similar world, we can change up some rules, IDM)

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If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!!
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Ultimate Baddie 😎
Also if you'd rather do it on discord rather then PMS(I can guess why you might wanna kekw), just ask, IDM :D

Maeve Valor

The Piratess Captain
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Roleplay Type(s)
Interested! I have interest in New guy to townXMafia Boss and Online Friends Accidentally Meeting Up (with an isekai flare maybe?). So I wouldn't mind doing one of those two.


Ultimate Baddie 😎
Interested! I have interest in New guy to townXMafia Boss and Online Friends Accidentally Meeting Up (with an isekai flare maybe?). So I wouldn't mind doing one of those two.
Oooo sure, I wouldn't mind doing either!! I'll start a pm rn so we can discuss some more!!


Pure Pazzak!
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Howdy, would love to do a kidnapperxkidnappee with you with maybe a serial killer twist? Honestly I'm good with whatever! We can probably make out the details in PMs if your interested?

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