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Fandom Looking for people to rp with!


Wily Old Serpent
Hey y'all! I doubt anyone's gonna respond but hey, it's about the journey.
I am willing to roleplay with anyone in these fandoms:
> Hamilton (duh) <
> Detroit: Become Human <
> Sanders Sides <
> Marvel <
> ....many more! <​
So hope y'all want to talk!


Wily Old Serpent
People can reply to this thread saying if they would like to rp if they'd like to, I'm not putting people outside of their comfort zone.


Marvel's Minon
Lol thank you :D I like your's too! I'm looking for someone to play Tony or Dr. Strange for my female oc! Would that interest you at all?


One Thousand Club
I do kinda original plot stuff between either supernaturals or humans, and chaos, normally the setting in a large everchanging constantly moving 'chaos' castle. It's a lot more interesting in further explanaion

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