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Looking for partners!


procrastinating 24/7
Yeah sure, we can do that. Feels comfortable to do F/F roleplays for me. Eh, probably cause I am a girl. Cheesy sense of humor is nice.. Puns.. Dear lord I am terrible at them.
I do them all the time, every chance I get. Pun here, pun there, pun, pun EVERYWHEREEEE! >=D

And okay. Forum to messages? I don't know how to send a mcfriggin message, and I have no idea how to use the forums. So either way I'm toast. xD


procrastinating 24/7
xD I do love puns though even if some can be a total drag sometimes.

So you just started like me xD Yeepie! I just figure out how to send a message on here lol and the forums are a bit confusing at first. After awhile you get use to it. Soooo guess I'll be sending the message then. o3o


Your regular shady illusion
Hi, still in need of partners? Personally, I am running low on roleplays, so I am trying to get some 1x1's up and running while I look for some "actual" roleplays :/

Anyway, I have some ideas in my head I want to play out, so if you still need some roleplays, I am up for one ^^

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