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Long time no see, and I’ve gotten into the thick of my college life; but here I am nonetheless.

So let’s get to the point: I’m looking for new roleplay partners!

Things to know:

1) I’m 18. I don’t mind roleplaying with older or younger folks.

2) I use they/them pronouns

3) Please don’t use one liners; I’m not picky on length cause sometimes you are wrapping up a scene and there’s not much to say.

4) Please don’t ghost me. If life happens, let me know. If you don’t wanna roleplay anymore, let me know. I try my best to give out that courtesy; I’d like it returned.

5) If you’re interested, feel free to send me a private message! (Or, reply here if you aren’t sure how to do that).

6) I do consult my partners a lot on role-plays or ideas; be prepared.

So, with that aside. The big question.

What am I looking for?

Oc Roleplays:

[Sidebar: I play a lot of male characters, I at best, have 3 female characters; So, I prefer MXM pairings]

Long term roleplay ideas:

1) Prince x The Head of the Royal Guard.

- Star crossed lovers, fantasy, romance, secret relationship. What more is there to love?

2) Beauty and The beast.

- I love beauty and the beast inspired roleplays. We don’t have to follow the storyline, we can totally rewrite everything and just vibe.

[Sidebar: Totally open to an Anastasia inspired or Phantom of the Opera inspired au]

3) Hero x Villian

- C’mon, who isn’t down for a classic enemies to lovers trope?

Short term/subplot/not completely developed Ideas:

- Hanahaki Au
- Beach Vacation
- Arranged Marriage
- Post Apocalyptic survivors
- Bounty hunter x Wanted Criminal

Fandoms I’m apart of:

- Dishonored
- Star Trek (I love AOS & TOS)
- Welcome Home
- Good Omens
- DC Heros/Marvel Hero’s (50/50)
- Creepypasta
- Marble Hornets
- Hamlet
- 12th Night
- Undertale (and it’s AUs)
- Cuphead
- Bendy and the Ink machine
- More if I remember later and edit this.
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Hello love, I do prefer writing as just female oc's but would still love to write with you! If you'd wanted to write a fxm story id love to!
Please reach out, thanks! (:

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