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Fantasy Looking for partners


Your Local Idiot
Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
About me
My name is Eris and i am a part of a system (I have DID). The names of the other most active alters in my system are Dev, and Harlowe. Typically i am the the most active, so i would prefer you call me by Eris, though if the others are ever around they will let you know and ask you to refer to them by their names. Harlowe goes by she/her, and Dev goes by he/they. I, myself, prefer they/them. I am in my 20's and am currently a college student, as well as i suffer from many mental illnesses. If my punctuation is ever an issue, feel free to remind me to reply. All i ask is that you give me time, and understand my struggles. It is not easy for me to keep focus or remember to reply all the time. If you're curious about me/us, feel free to ask any questions you want. I am semi-lit, i prefer to only play a single character at a time, and i prefer to write in third person.

Absolutely NO Minors.

Literacy- I would prefer my partners be at least semi-lit, and capable of writing multiple paragraphs.
Grammar- Please be capable of writing complete sentences with proper grammar.
Communication- I ask that you are capable of communicating your needs and desires with me, whatever they may be.

I prefer writing in third person, as stated above.
I prefer not to play canons, and i do not like doubling up.
I only play female and non-binary characters, though i don't mind what identity my partner chooses for their character(s).
I do not use face-claims to describe characters, and i would prefer you not to as well. I use descriptions for my ocs.
As stated above, i prefer to only play a single character at a time, though i do not mind my partner playing more than one role.
If you have any questions you can message me anywhere. Also, my discord is Actinium#4936.

Example of my character descriptions:

Name- Eris
Age- 21
Height- 5'8
Build- Slim, Toned
Hair- Black, curly, shoulder length
Eyes- Almond, Dark brown
Personality- Stoic, quiet, bookworm, prefers not to socialize
Likes- Reading, music, sketching, and playing her guitar
Of course that's just an example, i can give way more detail.


I will not play anything historical. I am afro-latina, and I've had some very weird rp experiences when trying out the historical genre. Iykyk.
I will not play anything Disney. Not my thing.
I will not play anything political. Again, afro-latina and afab. Not nice in theory, nor experiences.
I will not play anything super heroes/super powers, that sort of thing. Not interested.

Slice of life

Prompts/Coming up with prompts
I currently only have a single prompt, its only half figured out. It is centered in a zombie apocalypse. If you would like to know more about it, let me know. Perhaps we can work out the full plot together.
If you have any prompts/ideas for a rp, feel free to let me know about them. I'm open to most things. If neither of us have any ideas, that's okay, we can figure something out together. No biggie.

If you've read all the boring details and are interested in playing with me, please don't hesitate to message me! Thank you for taking the time to read my thread. <3
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