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Hello! I have decided to jump back into roleplaying, as it has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. So here I am! Anyways, onto the roleplay plot ideas I have!

But first I just wanted to say, since I am jumping back into it, I'm not interested in novella or more than 3 paragraphs per post. Thank you for your understanding! (Also I only do third person POV).

Plot 1:
Just a simple slice of life roleplay. Our characters might be roommates to an old apartment building that's run down, but they make the best of it. After all, they both have crummy jobs. But at least they have each other to hang out with after work, and just talk and have a good time. This can be like just two best friends. No need for a full on plot. Just something casual.

Plot 2:
Our characters are both attending the same university, but for two completely different fields. They bumped into each other at orientation, and decided to talk for a bit, and actually realized how cool the other person is as well. And then they both realize they have a similar schedule. So do they just stick to hanging around each other for most of the semester? Well, no. One of them starts getting active in all these different clubs and other activities while the other is more shy and a homebody. The shy one actually starts getting jealous, but the other doesn't seem to notice. How will this resolve?

Anyways, I know these plots are a little cheesy, but hey, we don't have to stick to the plots, we can use them as a base and then go from there! So I hope to hear from you soon!

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