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Hello! I’m Clumsy. ^^ After having what seems to be a constant urge to role-play, I’m on the hunt for some 1x1 partners!

I’m a 26 year old stay at home mom with a 4 month old baby, meaning I’m not available 24/7.

I average 2-3 paragraphs per post but typically match what is given to me. I prefer third person and female characters but I’m open to playing male characters.

Stuff I’m interested in:
The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead <3<3
Primeval <3<3
Jurassic Park <3<3<3
Greek mythology
Zombies <3<3<3<3<3<3

Warrior x ??? (Pokémon - ask for plot)
Private investigator x their case
Doctor x PTSD victim
Cop x Career Criminal
Indian x Settler
Local trouble maker x Cops Child


Nothing but Trouble:

Character A is the child of a well known and liked preacher in a town where everybody seems to know everybody else's business. Character B is the notorious problem child, always in and out of jail for one reason or another. Despite being told time and time again that Character B is nothing but bad news, Character A starts to overlook their bad side while trying to help B "see the light" after B is ordered to spend some time with the pastor and his family.
Love Games:

Character A is a well-known [insert sport here] player. Character B is a model who is just now getting used to the glamorous life-style. Character A is known to be a player when it comes to love, and Character B has been told time and time again to keep their guard up. Character A loves the chase and so they keep inviting B to their parties, hoping to win the guarded model's affections (even if only for a night). Over time, feelings develop among both characters though B is terrified to give in as they have heard countless stories about A and the way they treat their love interests.


Character A is one of the alphas of their pack. Character B is the leader of their coven. Centuries of bloodshed between werewolves and vampires has yet to end and Character B is known for taking werewolves and turning them into “guards” for their people. Character A is captured during a raid and brought back to Character B’s estate as a gift. Character A is due to be another “guard dog” and with their high ranking in their pack, Character B wants to keep them at their side as a personal “guard dog”.


Character A comes from a village that offers a human sacrifice to the Gods. Character B is a God and this year it is their year to claim their sacrifice. Usually the villages are blessed with bountiful harvests and riches in exchange for these sacrifices that they simply use as maids or in rare events, lovers. Character A is by no means happy or willing to leave their family behind and doesn’t plan on serving Character B.

I don’t have any solid ideas as of right now but I’m happy to brainstorm with someone. Message me if you are interested.
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I don't quite think I have any plots matching your characters, I'm actually about to fix up my list to match what is still needed/has my interest.


Professional pencher.
Hey! Some of that Zombie stuff got my attention. (I've sort of made my own adaptation of this and my own little universe, but we can always go with the slow staggering ones too! Or brainstorm together ;))


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Hey :)
Psychology student with the urge to play PTSD here.^^
I'd be interested in the Lost Love plot, if that one's still up for choice. xD

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