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Multiple Settings looking for partners! (oc x oc, canon x canon, oc x canon)


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Hi! Feel free to call me mouse! (They/them pronouns) I’m 20 years old and I’ve been roleplaying on and off for a few years. I’m very very rusty but I’m interested in getting some new partners!

Since its been a while since I’ve roleplayed properly I’m trying to sort of start fresh while also trying some new characters and such in my role plays! I’m interested in doing mostly original character rps and also maybe a few fandom roleplays with canon characters.

I don’t usually write more than 3 paragraphs but I’m willing to try and write more than that now that I’m getting more into roleplaying!

I live in the US (EST Timezone)

Partner Requirements:
  • 18+ partners only please!
  • I’m not too picky on how much you write, if you write even just one paragraph I’m okay with that! I will try my best to match whatever you write
  • Be okay with ooc conversations! I like to talk to my partners outside of roleplay!
  • If you can’t respond right away that’s totally fine! I am a college student so I understand delays! Take as much time as you need!

Roleplay interest:
  • I’ve been strongly interested in Genshin impact lately, so honestly I’m willing to rp a LOT from there! Chongyun x Xinqiu and Gorou x Itto are the main ships I’m interested in! But I’m down to roleplay as anyone else from Genshin ! I’m also okay with oc x canon!
  • For OC x OC roleplays I’m down to fully plan out anything and world build (i love world building) I usually draw my own face claims but if you prefer realistic face claims i can do that as well!
  • For fandoms I enjoy AUs (any supernatural creature, college au, coffee shop, all the fun AUs! Just ask!)
If you’re interested,please DM me with anything you’re interested in!
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Hello! My name is Mush! I have a few ideas and plots if you're interested in world building something together!! I'm mainly into things with at least a subplot in romance and am very descriptive (lazy-lit to novella) :)


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hi, my name is dia! i’ve been searching for rp partners and i have a few ocs i’d like to use if you’re interested? :3

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